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Linux(wine): Aslain mod no longer installs


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I am using World of tanks and Aslain mod pack on linux for years now, but in latest version, on installation screen, when selecting the directory where WOT is installed

and you press next, the msgbox with error is displayed and modpack doesnt install.


Runtime error (at 208:105):

Invalid floating point operation.


I am presuming that you are parsing something from the WOT directory as if you try to install it into empty directory, it works and goes to the screen with mods selection. I don't know what the last version was that was working but before 1.15.0 it was working fine so I hope there isnt much code to diff.

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4 minutes ago, Aslain said:

In this step the code is checking if worldoftanks.exe is present in selected folder, if it's not then it's displaying warning:


World of Tanks does not seem to be installed in that folder.%n%nContinue anyway?

Yes and this pop up is shown if I try to install into empty folder. But this part of installation works fine.


The error is encountered only when using WOT installation directory, so there must be something else. Since this is new installation of WOT, there is no aslain mod installed yet (I got new laptop).


Very simple solution would be that on error, you dont return user to the previous screen but give him option like on dialog you mentioned - "Continue anyway?", as returning me back to directory selection screen throws me into next+error loop that i cant get out/continue.

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15 minutes ago, Aslain said:


there is also chance for this "Attention: Unsuitable game client version detected" window. It shows up if paths.xml contains unsupported game version. Maybe the installer is unable to open this file.

Hm, I have copied worldoftanks.exe and pathx.xml to the empty directory, but the installation didnt complain, something else needs to be checked.


Might be that some value in paths.xml is parsed incorrectly.


Are you using version control (git/svn/whatever) for the installation? Can you check the modifications done between last 2 releases on that part of the code?


I have attached paths.xml, maybe there is something different in it?


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if FileExists(ExpandConstant('{app}\paths.xml')) then
    PathsData := TStringList.Create();
    for I := 0 to PathsData.Count - 1 do
      if Pos('res_mods', PathsData.Strings[I]) > 0 then
        if XMLStringReadValue(PathsData.Strings[I], 'Path', PatchVer) then
          while Pos('/', PatchVer) > 0 do
            Delete(PatchVer, 1, Pos('/', PatchVer));
      Result := CompareStr(PatchVer, '{#WotVer}') = 0;
      if not Result then
      MsgBox(ExpandConstant('{cm:UnsuitableGameVersionDetected}'), mbInformation, MB_OK);


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