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Crosshair mod.

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How hard would it be to get these reticles made? 1 is Arcade - Dashed and 2 is Sniper - Horizontal. These are obviously Hawgs type 1 I recolored and edited a little bit. The line at the top of 2 should be near the very top to help line up with hit markers like you can the vanilla Diagonal reticle. Would be nice if the aim circle and autoloader shells were the same color as well. The second image is of the Blue Light mod with the shell count and HP on the left of the reticle. Showing real HP not % like it was changed to some time ago. 

If blue light mod would just put a line at the top in sniper mode and change the HP back to real HP not % that would be perfect. I have no idea how to get ahold of the creator to even ask. Tried posting this on Hawgs discord but i cant post images on there to show examples. 


New Bitmap Image.png

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