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Another Repair ++

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Hey long time no see 🙂 happily U  Still here


i worked on Repair-mod by Spotted dunno if im correct let me see if something wrong

Well that work perfectly ! all crew are heal and all modules repairs now

 see beside the Orignal file!

        "AT-SPG": {
            "medkit": [ "loader", "gunner", "commander", "driver", "radioman" ],
            "repairkit": [ "ammoBay", "gun", "engine", "turretRotator", "fuelTank", "chassis", "surveyingDevice", "radio" ]
        "lightTank": {
            "medkit": [ "driver", "commander", "gunner", "loader", "radioman" ],
            "repairkit": [ "engine", "ammoBay", "gun", "turretRotator", "fuelTank", "chassis", "surveyingDevice", "radio" ]
        "heavyTank": {
            "medkit": [ "commander", "loader", "gunner", "driver", "radioman" ],
            "repairkit": [ "turretRotator", "ammoBay", "engine", "gun", "fuelTank", "chassis", "surveyingDevice", "radio" ]
        "mediumTank": {
            "medkit": [ "loader", "driver", "commander", "gunner", "radioman" ],
            "repairkit": [ "turretRotator", "engine", "ammoBay", "gun", "fuelTank", "chassis", "surveyingDevice", "radio" ]
        "SPG": {
            "medkit": [ "commander", "loader", "gunner", "driver", "radioman" ],
            "repairkit": [ "ammoBay", "engine", "gun", "turretRotator", "fuelTank", "chassis", "surveyingDevice", "radio" ]
    "restoreChassis": true,
    "useGoldKits": true,



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