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Bug report_XVM inactive

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Hi Aslain,

Im trying to setup a new PC under windows 11 with WoT and your mod.

I can't get XVM to work though : everytime I arrive in the garage I have a notification that XVM is inactive.

On the loading screen top left corner XVM appears.

Of course it is activated on XVW website, I did a game repair, I m running the game as admin, and it is working perfectly fine on my laptop where my previous install still is.

I have ticked exactly the same boxes on both PCs to "clone" somehow my old install.

You ll find my log attached.

Thanks for what your doing,

Best regards

La Crepe


Screenshot of my garage but I think thas pretty common. The cause is a mistery to me this time....


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Well disregard last I just found : had to reset all activation from XVM website (bottom main page) ; I had deleted tokens manually on the new setup with no effect but this did the trick. Sorry for bothering you.

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