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Install cleanup failure

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This really is a very minor issue and it will of course be corrected by people following instructions and deleting the DL cache (good luck with that).


During install I had a download failure when using Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.4.3.4_97. Specifically the file Login_Screens_97.7z failed to download. The installer did retry and then showed the error message and allowed me to retry. I did retry it failed again. (That was a problem with their site). The install issue is that when I went on everything install properly. Except when I installed Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.4.3.6_97 it appeared to complete normally. It turns out that the failure had left a 105KB stub file in the DL cache folder. This fooled the installer into thinking it did not need to DL again. Removing the file corrected the problem. I would suggest that in the event of a failure use the stub to allow the installation to continue but then at the end delete the stub.

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