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Crosshairs are missing the load time indicator

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I tried Shyty's crosshair and Deluxe crosshair and on both you can not see the load timer. Also, the distance in meters is bugged, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.


It is probably a mod of some sort that is doing this....


My xvm settings are default except I use 3d modern icons with roman tiers, Nuke icon for enemy and Angel wings for ally and the "Show advanced info on carousel - Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence (in percent), Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage + WN8 expected tank damage" option.


Rest of the config is like this:


World of Tanks folder?  ->> Yes
Clean res_mods folder?  ->> Yes, FULL
Current date: 30-04-2015 and time: 21:22:41
Build date: 30-04-2015
Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain
Version: 4.3.6
Installed on: EU Client
Setup type:
      Custom installation
Selected components:
      ------------------------------[ The Mod Pack ]---------------------------------------
         Camera scripts [settings]
            Zoom settings [use PMOD only if you have issues with Kosh]
               8x (4 steps, 2-8) (WoT default)
               NoScroll (the scroll wheel blocker in sniper mode)
         Accurate Damage Indicator
            version #1
         ATAC! (enemy in proximity 100m warning)
         Chat mods
               Chat Scrolling (enables chat scroll with mousewheel)
         Armoring extended v1.09 by spoter
         Crew Skill Informer (activation: BACKSPACE)
         ----------------------[ Crosshair mods ]------------------------------------------
               Dellux crosshair
            The battletimer mods
               Effective armor calculator (for own vehicle)
                  with extra gun constrains ruler for TD and SPG
         Battle Shell Cooldown Buttons
            Hot Key mods
               enlarged cooldown numbers
            Custom shell, consumable & module icons by arasgrandpa
         Received Damage Announcer v2.5
            NA version (restricted)
         Safe Shot
            Block shooting at wrecks & allies for 2s
         GTO's Penetration marker
         -----------------------[ Garage mods ]----------------------------------------
            Automatic equipment mounting/dismounting
               AutoEquip (you need to setup each tank first!)
            Session Statistics
               YasenKrasen (V1)
                  Reset the stats daily (at 6:00am)
            Other garage mods
               Progress Indicator Text Mod by drhideg
Additional tasks:
      Installation type
         Clean install (clean up res_mods folder - RECOMMENDED!)
         Remove the contents of DLC cache (Aslains_DLC_cache folder)
         Reset the game settings and clean up the cache
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