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Both container collecting mods still broken with "Try your luck" containers.

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Hey, I'm aware the container collecting part of the "Banner switcher / Campaigns in port / Lootbox collecting & opening" mod was rremoved in #6 then readded a few versions later, but both the updated version of that and the separate "Auto-collect containers" mod break the client when attempting to collect "Try your luck" containers.


To reproduce with "Banner switcher / Campaigns in port / Lootbox collecting & opening":


Install the mod, use the "dice" icon on the containers section of the port screen to attempt to quickly collect a Try Your Luck container (this worked perfectly in the last game patch, and for years before then).


This will collect one container, will *not* report what sort of container was collected as a notification, and then make all the other buttons in the client that collect or open containers non-functional until the client is restarted. This includes the mods own buttons to fast-collect containers, and the buttons in the games "container" screen which allow either collecting or opening lootboxes.


If instead of using the mods own buttons in port you open the actual container screen and attempt to collect a "Try your luck" container in the normal way with EITHER "Banner switcher / Campaigns in port / Lootbox collecting & opening" or "Auto Container Collector" installed then it will bring up the "dice rolling" screen you normally get before it tells you whether you won a supercontainer or small container, but the result will never be displayed and the only way to exit that screen will be to close the game client.


The logging program doesn't seem to want to work for me for whatever reason, but the aslain logs are in a zip below.




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