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Proszę o dodanie ikonek Czołgów 

3D Tank Icons with Emblems



3D Tank Icons with emblems
  • With emblems of nations.
  • SPGs and Tank Destroyers are colored in red and blue colors, respectively. in A, B and D variants
  • Premium tank names are yellow.
  • Added new variant of icons, "Variant B". FROM v3.2
  • With gray class icons (diamonds, squares and triangles). in variant "B"
  • Added new variants of icons: "C" and "D". FROM v4
  • Colored class icons (diamonds, squares and triangles). in variant "C" FROM v4


za strony http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks/tank-icons-emblems ,

szczegulnie zalerzy mi na wersji "C".


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