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Information Mod for Arty


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New to the Forum, so here goes...


I've noticed how the angle of the ground proportionally effects shell trajectory for arty, which is why finding level ground is so important. What if it wasn't?


If we had a circular 'spirit level' or 'level bubble' - like the one on a builder's spirit level or camera tripod, the position of the 'bubble' would show the probable offset for the round. This would be exaggerated over distance, but it would give an indication of where to best position the reticle.


It could be included in the sights or as a stand-alone graphic.


Unfortunately, I do not have the programming skills to attempt this myself, even though I've done a considerable amount of development work. I'm certain that the terrain angle is a function of the graphic modules of the client, as the vehicle angle is affected by them, when drawn. I know that I could elaborate on the concept, if needed, but I do feel it's a simple enough idea as to warrant looking at.


If anyone does want to contact me further, I'm the Clan Commander of The Fallen [FALLN]


Cheers All


(Thanks for the great mods and packaging.)


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