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contrails and binoc. mode

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there was a mod that had yellow contrails for HE and red for AP, blue for AP just not doing it for me.  is there a mod for that?


i used to be able to go into binoc. mode and have just not the horizontal aim bar, but a bunch of diagonal ones to help with aiming on incoming/outgoing ships.  i have tried all the crosshair mods, but none work for me in game.

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There are two mods that change the color of the shells in flight so you can tell what type of shell was fired. They are listed in the "Tracers" section of the modpack.  Use the preview picture to determine which one to try first.


I don't use modded crosshairs, but I have seen Aslain post pictures showing people to go into the game settings and choose the static crosshair #9 to use the modded crosshair that they chose from the modpack.

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9 hours ago, immelmann said:

i have looked at the tracers, and all i see are yellow and blue.

I thought that is what you were looking for.  Those are the only color changes I have seen.  If you want different colors, I would suggest contacting the creator of that colored tracers mod and seeing if he/she will make one with different colors.  You might find them in the mods forum on the official World of Warships forum pages.

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