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Nagasaki Port Help

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Got the Nagasaki port working by renaming Port_Japan to Port_Ocean, but is there correct audio that comes with nagasaki port?


I have a file named Japanese_audio_550, is this the file?


Do i drag this file into the Dock_Japan folder?


Im confused and lost on this, any help is greatly appreciated.

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I would put everything back to the way it was originally.


When you select a custom port when installing the modpack, there is one of the normal port names next to the custom port name.  After you install the modpack, you need to select the port name in parenthesis.  For example, if you choose Hawaii Mystic Nights (Yokosuka), after installation, you need to choose to display the Yokosuka port in the game client.  I assume you know, but in case not, you can select which port is displayed by clicking on the anchor in the upper left hand corner of the port screen.

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