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The ModPack installer doesn't run on the Mac natively.  The actual mods are usually zip files that are placed in the res_mods directory.  If Wargaming kept the same file format and you have access to the res_mods directory, you can place the files in manually and use the mods.  See the original mod authors posts for instructions.

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so yeah, actually what blue is suggesting, ive done and it worked for most mods (stay away from all camera mods, especially if youre not a poweruser in mac and dont have firm control of the retina-bullshit and the way they shift DPI without really calling it that.  it can bork you, but otherwise, what i do is boot into my windows bootcamp (on a second partition which everyone should be doing, that just goes without saying, at least with a pirated windows build for whenever u need it like this) and then run the installer, and then just bring over the files (aslains folder naming conventions is cleanly abstracted and named) to your mac's wine folder where the game is.

in case you havent noticed yet, all mac games are actually running a PC game inside a wrapper, so if you dig until you find it, theres literally a folder named C\Program Files\Gaijen\WorldOfWhatever and its in your library or somewhere, but its a direct file structure of pc files on your mac.  you can usually move mods in without too much issue.

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