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Crosshair Bug

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Hello everybody,


i have a problem if i want to install the Marine Zebra Cool Crosshair i get a different Cross from that what i wanted.

So i tried to decompile the PNG from the old zebra Crosshair by hootorez and put it in the new mod. But id doesnt work because the PNG is 1920 to 1080 But crosshairs only work with 1696 to 70.

So i used GIMP to rework that crosshair but now it doesnt fit on the middle of the screen it some point away from the middle. Can anybody help me pls

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After installing a custom crosshair mod, you need to go into the game settings menu and selected the standard crosshair type that the custom mod overwrote. You can find the crosshair type you need to select to use your new custom crosshair by looking at the description info for the custom crosshair. The Marine Zebra Cool Crosshair doesn't have the number in the description, but it if works like the other crosshairs by the same author, it replaces "Static Crosshair Type 1".  Since the default is Type 2, you will need to go into the game settings and select "Type 1".  If it is something other than Type 1, look at the types, the preview should reflect the change.  Check them until you find the custom crosshair you installed.

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2 hours ago, KOmoInvictus said:

i allready Know that but there is stiull shown a wrong Crosshair. The prview from ur mod installer is different than the installed one!!!!

You need trillix.


In that you select the image. and it auto sizes basically.


Or an easier way is when you export it resize th old part you like, then swap the images.

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