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Hakabase ship icons

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I am having an issue. It is not a big deal to me. The in game  Players panel does not show up. (even if selected in controls) It is there on game / battle start screen. I was just wondering if the Hakabase "Ships Contour Icons has been updated for the Aslain mod pack? I came across this on the WOWS forum regarding Hakabase.




Show that it was updated to --V3.03 compatible with, updated anti-mirror files , support HP display, updated Krasny Krym data as of 20160713 and also states the  Following :

Hakabase ; Notice: HP bar will conflict with all modified hud_lib.swf (included in UI pack and compass mod usually). since I don't program That is all Greek to me( no offense to anyone from Greece.)


 Any insight would be helpful as that I had the Hakabase Selected with the HP bar now I don't have players panel in battle screen. Going to try to remove it today as I was tired yesterday.


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to add log zip if needed
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I use the Hakabase icons and haven't had this problem.  I don't use any of the hub_lib.swf mods whereas you are installing trap sense.  Those should have been fixed to be compatible already though.  I suspect that the custom battle loading screen is conflicting.  Good news though, there is a newer ModPack than you used with those log files.  Trying downloading and installing that and see if your problem still exists.  If so, please start a new thread in the Issues & Bugs forum and we will help you figure it out.  Be sure to include your .zip file again. 


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