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Replays do not play?

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Yes. Thanks. I know this.


I recorded a replay using the current WG WoWS version and have replays enabled using Aslain's modpack. Had a killer game in my Aoba Sunday night (24JUL2016). Went to re-watch it yesterday to make a youtube-worthy film of it and the replay will not enable.


PS: I can view replays via the wowsreplay site.

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So then I went back and looked at other replay files of mine and they all behave the same way. Forwarded it to a buddy yesterday (plays vanilla) and he cannot open it. FYI, your Arizona replay opens up on my comp but after the timer counts to zero ...then nothing.


Only thing I can think is the cause of the issue would be my selection of mods from Aslain's modpack corrupts the replay file.


Will have to test this more with 0.5.9

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