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Mark of excellence damage calculator?


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Marks of excellence are a floating rating, so it's not quantifiable like crew xp needed till next %, level, whatever. Marks are based on how everyone else plays that tank as well, not just you. Basically, if you hit mastery 3rd class (or better) *every* game, you're on your way to a barrel mark. In Aslain's, enable all the stat info on your tank panels for the garage. That will show you all kind of handy info that should help you track your progress to a mastery mark. WN8 expected damage vs what you're averaging, % mastery, it all helps.


Overall, if you're meeting WN8 expected damage (or atleast close to it) and gathering mastery badges, you'll have a mark in no time if you keep playing well. Also, you might considering running the mod that tracks your WN8 damage live during the game, or the panel that simply tracks your outgoing hits and damage totals (without WN8 expected displayed... its all in Aslain's).


The bottom line: remember mastery is based on how you play vs how *others* have played a particular tank.... its simply impossible to calculate how many games it will take. Hope this makes sense!


Happy tanking all!

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