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can't see

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Pretty sure it has something to do with the performance enhancements, no smoke, no clouds, etc. If I zoomed out far enough it fixed it. So maybe a conflict with zoom-out and the tweaks. Doesn't happen all the time, this is the second time I've had it, other time was at spawn on himmelsdorf encounter, but that time it only happened if I zoomed out to far, could see what looked like a moon.



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Looks to be the same issue missed it on a quick glance through the forum I guess. Anyways I always do a clean install when I update had the issue with two updates. I ended up removing the no smoke, no clouds, and whatnot when I posted the issue. Pretty sure it's not no fog since I've had that for quite a few patches but I took it out to be safe. My poor fps Q_Q

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I've just had this issue too and had added no-fog again with the latest installer.

Never had this before, so it could be no-fog again (not sure if I changed anything else in last install though, but I think not).


E: Looks like Wot-Tweaker is causing it. So, try out not using it and see if it fixes the issue for you as well.

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