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  1. Might be the custom sniper aim circle, like in this topic http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/5517-the-custom-sniper-aim-circle-prevents-the-match-from-loading/ .
  2. Depends on what you want to track, I guess. You don't really need the the helper for the majority of missions anyway (in my opinion). You can check your current objectives natively via pressing tab. The normal hitlog, in the top left corner, displays your dmg done, what vehicles you caused dmg to/destroyed (TD, heavy, light, etc.) and even if you caused fires. So, that should cover a lot of missions already. Missions, like ramming or capturing base, are easy enough to keep track of on your own (or should be). Destroying inner modules/crew members might need you to pay some more attention but with WG's new sounds, that's easier than before since you get the audible notice when you land a crit. What's left is blocking dmg (for which there is a mod to show you that) and the spotting dmg. Both of those usually also have you cause some dmg on your own (or give you the option to), so that's something you can keep track of easily once again. Just set yourself some guidelines, like if you need 4k spotting/dmg dealt, you aim for good spotting (and hope your team actually assists) and try for like 1.5-2k done by yourself. Same with blocking, pretty much. Other than that, lots of missions are pretty much RNG anyway and you also have to keep in mind that WG plans to modify the personal missions with 9.15. Maybe they'll make some of them more reasonable, instead of promoting completely idiotic gameplay (promote capping for less exp gain or "sniping" lights with arty.. like, gj WG!).
  3. Try to use "clean install" at the end of the installer. It makes sure that any previous mod-selections are wiped from the res_mods folder and avoids unnecessary file-clutter and possible errors. The option to "clear DLC cache" is also a good idea, in order to have to latest version of mods. If you don't do that, the installer just takes whatever is in your DLC folder already, even if you've downloaded a particular mod like 3 weeks ago. Obviously, clearing DLC cache is not needed if you have just downloaded the latest mods (and did clear DLC before that) and you're just running the installer a few times to check out different mods. I can't see a mod that changes client language, in your mod list, and am suspecting that you once installed a mod that does this but didn't use "clean install" to get rid of all the files from that mod. But that's just a guess.
  4. I've no experience with apple mac myself but a quick google says that you can use windows fonts on mac. Aslain's puts a font folder in your main WoT directory (_fonts_for_Aslains_Modpack), which should contain all the needed fonts. Your friend can try to put those fonts into the Fonts folder on their mac (should be something like: users > your home directory > library > fonts) and see how that goes. Not sure if you need to install them (by double-clicking or right-clicking+install) or if they work right away. Just giving them your res_mods content shouldn't be of any use, since the operating system itself doesn't know the appropriate fonts.
  5. "Clean install" is indeed the option at the end of the installer. The .logs you can attach as files, when you edit a post or reply to one. You simply have to select "More Reply Options", below the reply-chat window, in order to get the extra options to choose and attach files.
  6. I'm assuming you actually installed the UI mod before checking for the file? Because otherwise it won't be there.
  7. My best advise is to simply try to do it with a higher tier light tank. The chances of getting more dmg per vehicle spotted are just better (if you spot 1 tier 10 tank, you can get the same amount of dmg as spotting like 4 tier 5 tanks). Obviously, most of those missions are mainly based on luck (like almost everything in WoT) and on many other factors, such as crew, equipment/consumables and positioning. If everything else fails (and maybe when your light tank is stuck in battle), you could just try to do some missions with arti as well and see if you can get it done that way. Also gives you some extra credits and another female crew member.
  8. I believe that if you select a (or any) session stats mod, then this feature is enabled by default. Therefore, the installer automatically disables this particular selection, in order to avoid unnecessary double inputs. Like, one mod is enabled and writes "show previous battle results" and another mod is enabled and would write "show previous battle results" as well. It's pointless and might cause unnecessary workload for no benefit at all.
  9. Unless you're using some obvious cheating software/mods, then other people can only guess if you're using something fishy but can't really prove it. One thing that could be considered suspicious is like using the reload mod, playing against an autoloader tank and only moving in once you know (via the mod) that the enemy is reloading. That, however, could also be a lucky guess by you and they can't prove anything. So, you don't have to worry about them seeing which mods you use. The only thing you'd have to worry about is your in-game behaviour. Like toxic chatting or other foul things coming from you. Which could put a dent into your chances of winning or even puts you at risk of bans.
  10. The first part of your complaint is answered by Quaksen and the second part I'll try to cover. If by "SPF" you mean "FPS" or Frames Per Second, then it's either your PC that's causing it (it could be that your PC can't handle Wargaming's adjustment to the game) or some mod(s) may have changed and demands more resources since 9.14. That are the "ideal" cases anyway and assumes that there is nothing faulty on your system and you're not using completely outdated hardware/software. When you're normally playing, you could try to monitor your hardware and see if anything is working at their limits (CPU/GPU/RAM specifically). If something is operating at 90-100% load or is getting way too hot (depends on the particular hardware), then that's likely the issue. You can also try to see what your FPS is using no mods at all. You could run WoT through Steam and have the FPS displayed (substituting mods that let you know your FPS in-game), in order to see if much has changed. If you don't use Steam and/or have multiple displays, then you can use other tools for that as well (like CAM, from NZXT). Another thing you can take a look at are the WoT in-game settings, specifically the graphics settings. When I had worse hardware, I really only used 3 settings there, that I maxed out, and put the rest on low/off. I also didn't use the Advanced graphics. Maybe you can (re-)adjust some things there and bring back your FPS. Essentially, check if your system and settings are fine, along with how the game runs in vanilla and your usual mod-selection.
  11. Wargaming EU has basically absolutely no policy regarding illegal mods. They claim to care about it, by stating that each individual player has to judge whether or not a specific mod gives them an advantage towards other players. And if a mod does that, then it can be considered illegal. The thing is though, everyone judges differently. For some people, every mod gives you some sort of advantage. And for others, no mod seems to give them any advantages. Thus, making this "policy" completely void in the overall picture. That being said, the reload mods use really basic assumptions about the reload times. They don't account for things that can influence a reload, such as crew-status, equipment and/or consumables. Therefore, the mod is really only an estimation of the very basic reload and not 100% accurate at all (it may even put you at a disadvantage, if the actual reload is significantly lower than what the mod predicts). And lastly, as Quaksen already stated, the mods you use are only visible to your person (unless you're making a recording of it and publish it or you're streaming it in the first place). When someone watches the same replay file on a different computer, they will see the vanilla version or anything modified by their own mods on their computer.
  12. Not installing the mod via installer and just adding the russian scripts manually afterward also worked for me.
  13. I tried to install the mod as well, to see if it would run fine for me but it turns out that I also get issues. When it is installed with the modpack (either with the installer or added manually afterwards), I'll only get this with the bottom settings button giving me this When I try to just use the mod on its own, without any other mods installed, I'm getting a blank mod list So, since it's not even working without any other mods, could it be that there is something missing in the OS (like runtime libraries or so)? Like it sometimes happens with the fonts. Personally, I've tried running the installer/WoT as admin and disabled Avira, checking if maybe my system blocks a script but it didn't help anything. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  14. Today came a new version of the modpack, if you want to give that a try. Also, make sure to select the "default" voices in the WoT ingame settings. If neither helps, please check if voices are working in vanilla (per replay) and see if just running the installer and not installing any sound mods breaks it again.
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