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Install more mods

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You simply have to run the same installer again and modify your previous selections (they should be saved from the last time you ran the installer).

At the end you then should choose "Clean install - FULL", which cleans up the folder where the mods are installed in (it's needed, so that you really only get the mods that you want and selected).

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Well, if you didn't get this the first time and you added more mods to install, then one of those mods you added has an incorrect download link.


Hard to tell which one it is, since I had no issues downloading my stuff earlier.

What you could do is un-selecting the mods you added after your first install and slowly add one mod at a time.

So you will only get the error again, after you add the mod with the wrong download link and then you can avoid adding it for the time being.


If you choose to do this (as it will, likely, take a while to run the installer over and over again), you could consider sharing your result, so Aslain can fix it (if he isn't already aware of it).

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