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The Have Fun Clan [THFC] IS RECRUITING!!!

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Hi, I am looking for members to join The Have Fun Clan [THFC], must play on NA servers and be pretty active! I have spots open for officers and the like for those that earn it, those top ranks will not just be handed out.


Mission Statement: To play World Of Tanks and just have fun! No Teamspeak requirements as I know nothing about Teamspeak but if you want to help the clan get set up with Teamspeak then you are more than welcome to do that. There are really no major requirements other than to play and have fun! Clan wars and other clan related sections of the game are not a requirement, but that doesn't mean you are not welcome to message me about the possibility of setting up a team to do some clan runs. I have a lot of time spent in this game and more than happy to platoon and help fellow members better their game and learn from others as well! If you would like to be a part of [THFC] then feel free to message me in game when I am on Davidinlv or Davidinlv82 are both my user names or submit an application on the clan portal or in game. 

Rules for being in the clan are simple, respect all clan members, no team killing and no cheats or hacks are to be used. If you are going to use mods then I suggest Aslains modpack as it only contains legal mods. If I suspect you have been using Illegal mods for any reason while playing with you I will remove you from the clan. If you are disrespectful to clan members then I will remove you after a warning. I don't put up with drama so don't bring it to the clan.




Screenshot (209).png

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