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First kudos on all the work and app, as soon as my expense check comes in, I'm breaking you off some $$ for making my life easier the past few months both with the installer improvements and general work adding/testing/re-adding/tweaking/testing again/etc


Second, I am working on testing the mac wrapper for when I travel and need to feed the additction play tanks. I would like to see if you would be open to a port of your installer for the OS X platform.


I have already pinged Marius @ vbAddict to get a dossier uploader port possibly going as well. That would remove my need for bootcamp entirely. I've been in dev/webdev for 20 years and have done a fair amount of WoW add-ins in a previous life ( see section above in my thanks for your work to do what otherwise my OCD/ADD development mind would make me do otherwise ).


Given there is not much push/help for us Mac users, I thought I could help aid the community and the reach of your awesome work to another group of users.


If not, I will probably continue forward on my own version, but thought maybe helping together we can come up with features/work that could help one another instead of me completely reinventing your awesome wheel.


Anyhow, at the least THANKS for the hard work, and if we work things out to be able to help each other and the WoT group, that is even cooler.

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