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6.3.1 #06 works in 6.4.0

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Just an FYI:

Modpack v6.3.0.1 #06 ported into 6.4.0 without any issue.  I just needed to rename the subfolder in Res_Mods.
I'm running the following elements without trouble:

YAZM, Compass Elements #1, Golden Premium Consumables Icons, Minimap by Autospy, Lights of New York Port, Black Sea Anniversary Port, Jaws Theme #1 Torp Warning Voice, Texture Based Ambient Occlusion, Gun Calibers in Inches, Fog Remover, Anti-Glare (Sunglasses), Better Compact Icons, Extended Tech Tree, Training Room Enabler, Clear Vision, Ship Movement Indicator, Port In Navy Blue Color, and Replay Enabled.  

One quirk I noticed today (and I believe is independent of the modpack) was that my gunfire sounds were much quieter.  Easily fixed by ramping up the volume in Settings.

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