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New WOT Mod Request - Asshole Mod

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Please consider putting this mod in your pack.




Mod WoTassholes is a new Mod for the World of Tanks game, to let you know if you have assholes on your team (or the enemy's for that matter). This mod is only be available for the NA and EU servers to start with and will, at least initially, only be available for the PC version. We will have to see if we expand from there. You MUST have XVM installed for this mod to work.

We now take nominations from any players regarding people who team kill, troll, make racist or homophobic comments, or send abusive messages of any kind.

People who simply do not contribute to the battle or "camp" will NOT be added to the list.

When installed, the mod will let you know in the team list who the people are. An "Asshole" logo will appear in the team list where the clan icon would have been.

There are currently 3 colours of logo:
RED indicates Team Killers/Team Damage/Trolls. 
YELLOW indicates Suiciders (e.g. last player on team drowns himself).
BLUE indicates In-game or Post-game Abusers. Racist, Homophobic & Xenophobic comments etc.



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