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Personal Missions-"Make damage" portion not summing up

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Hi  Aslain,

I've  been playing WOT since  2013  and I really love your  modpack  once I started using it, Never  as in NEVER  dared use other mod packs.  However,  with the onset of WOT ver.9.19  I'm afraid  the  personal  mission option for damage  Summation  has been failing lately, thus  I  am not  able to complete  the missions.  (Please see  screen shot for  details). It's working when I run WOT (clean version).   I  have  Knowledge in  visual BASIC  program but,   I am hesitant in  touching  the  mods  script for fear  that I  may complicate the issue  than resolve it. I just need your guidance in  where  to find the  needed script/s and  how to  go  about it,  so  as not to impair other  great  works  done by you and co-contributors.     


You're  doing  a great, GREAT  job  and rest assured  that I had  been  and will always  be promoting  your mod.


More power  to you  and the  best of the  Almighty blessing  be upon  you.



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