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Odd frame rate issue - minor but persistent Glitchiness

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Im not sure whats going on, but since last night I have had this odd issue with frame rates.  Best way to describe it is jittery graphics......not even enough to really impact gameplay, but irritating.  Just came out of the blue.  The only thing different about yesterday is that I ran my first grand battle.  Everything went well, and I had a great battle, but it was in the hour or two after that when I started to notice the slight but persistent glitchiness to fps.  I installed the latest video nVidia drivers, the latest Aslain's mod pack, and rebooted the computer, but this morning it's still glitchy.  


When I play the game in safe mode the glitchiness is gone.  When I play the game with mods enabled, the glitchiness returns.


I ran the WoT_Log exe and have included the zip for you.  Maybe you can look at it and see if anything is amiss, Thanks!


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I went back to update 1 as you suggested but for me the glitchy graphics remained.  Wish I knew what the hell happened.  I have had great graphics performance for 5 years until yesterday.  Guess I will have to learn how to play vanilla again.  For now.  Thanks for the suggestion!

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