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Solution to the arty problem?

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I posted this in the forums curious how many people think the same way.


"I think at this point many of the better players are of the opinion that artillery/SPGs in the current meta make the game rather unpleasant.

While the 9.18 changes were considered a small improvement by some (I personally preferred the older arty, new arty splash, accuracy, reload, stun mechanism and improved gun handling are a disaster for lightly armored vehicles) almost no one thinks it solved the problem.


But there does seem to be a simple solution that not only allows for arty to remain in game but increases skill cap of effective arty playing while simultaneously making it easier for weaker arty players to help their team. This can be accomplished while simultaneously making evasive procedures much more effective allowing good players to avoid arty fire consistently if they don't slip up.


The idea is arty will not be able to randomly fire anywhere on map the way it can today, rather every live player (including SPG themselves) will have an option to call for assistance to a given point on the map which will generate a small 30m circle where arty will be able to fire after a delay of 3-5 seconds (I'm nor sure what the perfect delay would be). These circles would then be available for 20 or 30 seconds after which they will vanish.

Every player will be able to call for assistance up to 3 times simultaneously after which an additional call will cause the first circle to vanish.

In addition there will be a limit on the total amount of calls per team based on the number of live SPGs (something like 5-8-10 for 1-2-3 arties respectively seems to make sense) after which additional calls cause the earlier ones to vanish.


This will only apply to indirect shots arties will have no restrictions on firing whenever they have a direct line of fire. (This would basically mean that an LT being focused by a nearby arty need only fall behind a ridge line the way it would do against a normal tank).


In order to compensate, SPGs would get back their original pen and alpha while retaining their 9.18 buffs.


This idea seems so simple and compelling to me I'm sure it must been suggested before but I haven't seen it discussed anywhere.


Either way would be glad to hear if anyone considered or is willing to consider this.

Thanks for reading."

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