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  1. Your'e probably right about it being against the EULA. I think almost every MMO has rules like that. It would be a big headache for them if they didn't. however i don't for a minute think they will go after individuals who acquire accounts created and used in good faith. (as opposed to selling BOT accounts/ creating accounts with intent to sell them for profit etc.). I don't care much about the WG EULA when it comes to something like this (No loss to WG), but if you think it is against the forum rules here then by all means delete my post, I never meant to create headaches for you guys. Thanks for tip on deleting accounts I didn't know that was possible, but it really hurts to do that.
  2. central

    Thank you!

    Just taking the opportunity to give a final thank you to Aslain for everything he is doing here. Your easy to use Modpack and constant on time updates was a big part of what made the game so enjoyable for me. I guess it's about time I donate something so you can keep this up for others. (I'm taking a break indefinitely need my RL back...)
  3. I finally quit cold turkey. Was a nice few years, but the game was simply too addictive for me. Thanks to Aslain for making the experience much more fun and pleasant while it lasted. Anyone have ideas what I can do with my accounts? I have 2 accounts, a little one with only 3 tier X and my main one with 23 tier X researched with 11 premium tier 8 tanks. I would rather not see them just sit and rot, also passing them on would allow me to make a clean break and not relapse. You can send me a private message if you know anyone interested. Thank you.
  4. No stats until a couple of hundred games on account. Check wotlabs.com you will see you have no ranking yet.
  5. Only happened to me two times <2 different tier 7 LT (T71 CMCD and Splc) different maps> out of 100+ battles. Number keys don't work at all in battle so can't switch shell types or use repair/med kits. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Creating new account to be considered fresh not very honorable... Haven't been tanking much recently so iv'e been away for awhile. I still don't quite understand how you do these giveaways but i enjoy them all the more for it! Are these titles still available: Pathologic Classic HD Fortune-499 Zombie Night Terror Sniper Elite Thank You!
  7. WN8 chance was broken anyhow all it did was calculate team wn8 vs team wn8 for a very inaccurate estimate. You can eyeball it yourself and make a better one.
  8. Is there a lock icon displayed next to the free xp? If there is simply click on it to unlock.
  9. Perhaps it depends on in game log settings.
  10. Auto aim+ acts really weird on frontline: Sometimes it works perfectly sometimes it is not active at all and occasionally you will see the <AA> indication when you right click but it isn't actually working and will fail to lock onto highlighted tanks. Weird. Pmod pen indicator is another mod i would expect to work but doesn't, never realized how much i came to depend on it when decidng when to take those "orange" shots. (what would be so bad for a mod like that to be part of vanilla client?)
  11. Mod should only work when crew is stunned otherwise pressing the medkit hotkey should not automatically heal the dead crewmember.
  12. Just wanted to say thank you for your on time updates every time, it is very appreciated.
  13. Any way to get the central feedback form gambiter mod without the actual damage logs? (unrelated issue: the last few updates of the modpack initiate some kind of connection during installion which for some reason invariably fails, after skipping that step and clicking next everything proceeds normally. Was just wondering what was going on)
  14. Currently if you get stunned and lose(or have already lost) a crew member simply pressing hotkey for medkit doesn't eliminate the stun until you press another key for the correct crewmember lost. When two or more crew are dead this makes sense but with only 1 missing this is a very silly setting, I often find myself stunned in the heat of battle when i simply don't have the ability to pay attention to which crew member might have been killed (to make it even worse it's not that easy to tell the difference between a live and dead crew member when your stunned). The medkit should be used automatically until 2 or more crewmembers are dead. I was wondering If this would be possible to mod, Im a little surprised I have not seen anyone else complain about this, though I think almost evryone would activate this mod it would be a no brainer.
  15. once you did that you can disable move logs to the right in the modpack
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