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  1. Havenard

    Carousel filters not working

    Removed res_mods\0.9.9\gui\flash\TankCarousel.swf and solved the problem. Clean XVM doesn't have this file, and its aparently good to nothing. Carousel features are fully functional without it.
  2. The options to select which tiers, classes etc. to display in the hangar are not showing. Default filters are shown instead, but they don't work either. A clean res_mods with installation of nightly XVM build 4625 for 0.9.9 will work perfectly, but with Aslain's pack wont, even if I install said XVM over it and configure it to use the default settings. Something outside XVM is conflicting with this feature, but I failed to identify what. Python.log show this seemingly related errors: On Client startup: ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last): ERROR: File "mods/xfw/python/xfw/events.py", line 62, in <lambda> ERROR: File "xvm_profile/__init__.py", line 139, in DAAPIModule_registerFlashComponent ERROR: File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/entities/DAAPIModule.py", line 80, in registerFlashComponent ERROR: File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/entities/DisposableEntity.py", line 17, in create ERROR: File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/daapi/view/lobby/hangar/TankCarousel.py", line 84, in _populate ERROR: File "scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/daapi/view/meta/TankCarouselMeta.py", line 95, in as_setIsEventS ERROR: Exception: PyGFxValue - Failed to invoke method as_setIsEvent. On Client exit: INFO: PostProcessing.Phases.fini() ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/entities/DAAPIModule.py, 133): Error during <gui.Scaleform.daapi.view.lobby.hangar.TankCarousel.TankCarousel object at 0x24FC21B0> flash disposing I tried to use a pure-XVM "scripts" folder, the problem persisted. Its something related to scaleform, maybe?
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