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  2. Found it in .\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons\EU\clan\ folder. Deleted them all, now I got no icons for no clan, even the top 50 ones :-(
  3. I unchecked "icons for EU region (114,5 MB)" but I still see full icons. Can you tell me which folder I need to remove? Looks like unchecking it does not uninstall the icon set :-(
  4. Yesterday
  5. How can we reset Permanent Crew after it is initially set? For instance, I assigned Capt A to Ship 1 a Tier 9 but now have Ship 2 a Tier 10 and since Capt A is a 19 pointer wish to transfer him to Ship 2 and reassign him as Permanent Crew on Ship 2. Can this be done and how do I do it? If it can't be done it certainly needs to be considered. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. v.8.2.0 #12 (19-04-2019): - akt. Zaawansowana Minimapka - akt. ikonek klanów
  7. v.8.2.0 #12 (19-04-2019): - updated Minimap Extended - updated clan icons
  8. if i change the name of the atlases folder to atlas it shows up in the flash folder with the atlases folder but won't install to the atlases folder stupid
  9. so why the hell is it not installing to that atlases folder for me then??
  10. I put your two zips the custom folder and both were installed including atlas files you mentioned.
  11. mods.zip res_mods.zip its working now but the atlases path don't install
  12. I just tested it and it worked fine, so you're probably doing it wrong. Attach zip you're trying to install.
  13. aslain this is strange i got nothing installing from that custom folder
  14. Everybody knows the KARMA points system, which was originally an attempt to moderate the happiness of the players. As there are different types of players from any age, the Karma points doesn't have any real meaning, and has become an annoying feature by now. It s been reported on the different servers of the game as a negative feature of the game. I would like to see a little mod or feature that allows the players not to see at all this Karma points system, and then once again, upgrade a bit the experience on this WG product. Thank you to the coders there. :) Take care, have fun
  15. strange i got nothing installing to res_mods/ folder
  16. yes cos i got few other tweaked config files going to the res_folder
  17. Have you packed the zip with proper path? It has to start with res_mods
  18. i am trying to install some mods from the custom mods folder i am trying to get legionlost over the target icons to res_mods/ but they won't install to that folder when i install your modpack so i have to install them manually
  19. and it will be back when/if it's updated.
  20. Last week
  21. I changed "hourOffset" to 7 Thank you very much again!
  22. Like I said in the first post, "The location of the shell velocity mod is right on top of the MPH indicator for the French wheeled vehicles and blocked the numbers that indicate your speed." Its right on top of the numbers in the speedometer on the screen near the aiming circle. Moving it down the screen a bit would help. I'll see if I can manually edit it to move it to an appropriate location.
  23. If none of those 3 work for you, manually editing config file battleLabelSight.xc is only option i can think of. Personally i don't have wheeled garbage to test it, but screenshot would be nice so we can see the issue with position.
  24. As I said above, "I don't have log files because I uninstalled the mod pack and reinstalled it without the shell speed mod." It looks like it was the XVM sight, but in the earlier version of the modpack I'm not sure if it was in with the rest of the XVM sight stuff or a separate option below it. I was hoping to keep it on the side and just move it down a little.
  25. Hello, Is there a way to organize the battle hits? Currently it is automatically organized by date and I can either save all battle hits or just the last battle. What I would like to do is save only the battle hits I need and delete the rest. I would also like to save by date as well as attach a note to a particular battle hit. Where are all the battle hit files located? How large are these files? If I decided to save every battle hits how much hard drive space will these files take up? I am assuming as more battles hits are saved it will take up more room....but how much room would it take for every battle hit recorded. Thanks to all who can help, World of Tanks: Phil_Can (message me in game chat if needed)
  26. Is there a way to change the colors of the "Tab" scoreboards? I changed the colors of my Autospy's side panels to match the Top panels made by Badobest. Green = DD, Blue = CA/CL, Red = BB. However, the "Tab" scoreboards retain the original color scheme. If not, can someone request it from Autospy?
  27. then ...mods\configs\pmod\sessionStatistic.json ? "hourOffset": 6,
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