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  2. I don't know who creates and updates the WoT mods cleaner application in the modpack. However, I've twice had the issue where it deleted all of my replays when the replays and screenshots boxes were not checked. It happened today and also happened last month. I use the application because I have my own XVM icon pack and it makes it easier to delete them after uninstalling the modpack to update to a new version. Who do I contact about this issue? Also, I'd recommend against using the WoT mods cleaner until the issue is resolved.
  3. During install simply select the correct Install Folder...
  4. Yesterday
  5. yes its normal, and been like this for ages. If you want fixed zoom etc there wont be much anyone can do, its WG coding and takes less performance with close up. Free cam in port isnt possible.
  6. Unfortunately, the installer does not install the required mods. I found out that this was probably caused by the path to the game. My WoT instalation folder is F:\!! Games !!\World of Tanks If i redirect installer to another location (F:\test\WoT) and then copy instaled modes manualy, everything works fine. Pls Aslain can you chceck and fix this? Thank you.
  7. Hello, Is it normal for the port to keep changing after I set a zoom out distance and angle? I would like to make it stay to the zoom out distance and angle i pick every time - is it possible? If so what file or mod does it. Thanks, -Big
  8. Hello people of the World! HNA-Hellenic Navy Armada is a new founded Clan who's purpose is to put her members into co-operation mood, for casual and competitive games! There is a Discord Server ready for you https://discord.gg/WszEGkh (Just be friendly and not toxic). It's a really clean start from my part to make again (i've had a clan but for certain and not good reasons i left it, i gave up command) a good and strong clan on all fronts, so everybody is more than welcome! In the really near future i can also provide to clan members live streaming experience as i did before! We are on EU Server! Feel free to contact me or even apply! FB PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/Hellenic-Navy-Armada-2321117687944947/
  9. Okay I noticed once I reinstalled and added the mods the game center no longer works and the shortcut was no longer valid. I loaded the game through the folder and created a new shortcut and it is working.
  10. Thx i found it and i will reinstall Modpack without Battle Observer! I tell you if i have crashes or some issues... THX anyway
  11. This is all part of battle observer (as you can see if you follow sub-section dots).
  12. Is the Battle Observer only that HP Information in the middle or the Tank Icons HP Pool Bar to? Should i delate all both or only that Mode in middle? (Sorry for my bad english)
  13. I'm reinstalling everything from scratch, including Windows.
  14. Its now working for me well, so.... :)
  15. v1.5.1.1 #04 (19-06-2019): - akt. XVM 7.9.6-dev [9189] - akt. PMOD v1.41.3 - akt. celownika: Melty, ZCH - akt. ikonki konturów: Panzerschiffer - dodano dźwięki dział Shimada_sama
  16. v1.5.1.1 #04 (19-06-2019): - updated XVM 7.9.6-dev [9189] - updated PMOD v1.41.3 - updated crosshair: Melty, ZCH - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer - added Shimada_sama's gun sound
  17. New version introduces a new feature for hangar only , it's not a fix or anything like that.
  18. @Aslain Try update PMOD, I think its new version, you have in Modpack 1.41.2 and new is 1.41.3
  19. Idea for a mod............... A button in garage (maybe on the bottom bar next to Notification Centre) that can select a tank at random from what you have available.
  20. Ok - I will put in a request then :)
  21. What do you see when it's running with no screen? Your screen is black or you see windows desktop?
  22. I have same problem but i found that it can work only without mods in section PMOD. I try to turn off and turn on all mods that I using and only one mod that crashes game is DEFAULT ZOOM SETTINGS (or all of mods in PMOD, but I using only that one in that section)
  23. I don't think that has been a think for a long time.. the thread I found with a WoT Tank Randomizer is from 2014.
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