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How to report a bug or issue

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Begin with integrity check:
Recommended options in case of problems:
To report a bug or problem, please post a new topic in this section and include following things:
- describe your problem as much detailed as you can (i.e. in what tank, what game mode, what map, how often etc.)
- Run special application: >> Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe << (which can be found in the game installation folder  or as shortcut on your windows desktop) it will create Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip file, attach that file to your thread, it's mandatory !!! I don't need any other logs, only that particular zip file. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip can be found in game folder inside Aslains_Modpack directory.
If the archiver won't work properly for you, please attach following files, from that example paths:






- you can try to use WoT Mods Cleaner application to check/scan and clean your game
- if possible also attach screenshots showing your issue
- play a battle without mods (launch the game in safe mode) and check if you still have the issue
- make sure you have latest modpack version installed, don't post bugs from old versions!
If the issue is investigated as local, I cannot promise any further assistance, and that I will fix someones computer. Use your own skills, hire an IT guy, or hope for someone will help more. I very busy with the developement and providing regular support to potential issues caused by modpack.
  • Reports like "XVM is not working", or "your mod is not working since last update" are invalid, and most likely will not be responded. Without the logs it's very hard for me to check your issues. 
  • If your issue was solved, please write in the topic about it, so I can close the case.
  • remember that python.log will reveal if you are using cheats and 3rd party mods


Thank you for your cooperation!

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