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  1. SkywhaleExpress

    !!! VERY IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT script.zip !!!

    And, yet, since that is also in the API, it's able to be modded without editing that .zip file. Regardless, that information is there for every player, all the same. All that editing the script does is change what is graphically represented to you.
  2. SkywhaleExpress

    X marks the spot

    The x on the minimap can be explained like the "Battleship" board game. It shows where you would have hit them in your last shell, but it doesn't give you pre-emptive information. So unless you have a 4k screen-sized minimap, you'd have a hard time doing anything but getting within a general 2-3km vicinity of the ship. Too far to effectively hit with any kind of accuracy, not close enough to be an aim assist.
  3. SkywhaleExpress

    illegal Mods ?

    Thanks, Aslain.
  4. SkywhaleExpress

    !!! VERY IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT script.zip !!!

    Funny, scripts.zip would still only be client side... so, if this is a server side game, then modifying this shouldn't give any undue advantage, as WG would be "cutting us off at the pass..." Now, I'm worried, because I don't use the two aforementioned mods, yet my "scripts.zip" file is showing modified 12/11/2017... I dunno if it's modified after Aslains or not.. How do I make sure?
  5. SkywhaleExpress

    illegal Mods ?

    I have a question: A while back, Aslain claimed he was banned temporarily. Was this an illegal mod thing, or a chat behavior? The last ban-wave, Wargaming seemed readily willing to latch onto the "reshade" speculation that players used, but many people stated they didn't use reshade. Now, this "scripts" issue in the new "ban policy" has me concerned with mods in general.

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