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  1. Spotting markers (without XVM)
  2. BTW this mod needs adjustment for Grand battles format
  3. Hi Is anyone aware of any non -xvm mod that can show spotted/Unspotted markers in enemy playerlist ? Thnx.
  4. Nope i mean Default damage indicator (srry 4 late reply )
  5. Hello all, Is there any non-xvm mod that can increase the duration of defalut 'Fire Direction Indicator' ? Thnx
  6. @Scur u need not worry, Aslian wil remove any mod if WG changes its mind on that later on.
  7. @Capt_Reginald_Black atleast we both agree on one point , Aslain is doing gr8 service for the community .
  8. i wil give u some links to u guys when i wil get some free time. srry right now little busy.
  9. Then start visiting the site i mentioned regularly & u wil come to know the truth.
  10. Tomatoes remain tomatoes even if they using a cheat mod. Even using cheat mods needs brain
  11. Certainly not, author of the website is also frm eu
  12. In the begining i was not aware of Aslain Mods pack & was used to downloading mods from websites like this : From my exp. there & after playing 20k battles ; i m pretty sure most of the player base is using cheat mods.
  13. Do an honest survey & u wil come to know . Although that does not mean Aslain modpack is anyway related to that.
  14. @Aslain Please do let best hit skins die
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