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  1. Led_Neck

    game closure, then locked out

    same here...in battle just quits game and tries to resart but, windows looking for solution only option is close program
  2. Can we or myself (i think i'm the only one that uses it) Giacint scope back!


  3. Led_Neck


    I there a way to change my profile name to my tanking name? It looks as if I can change everything else but that.. everything else is fine but this..
  4. Led_Neck


    Is the Giacint scope ever coming back
  5. Is the Giacint scope ever coming back

  6. Led_Neck

    skin pack is gone

    just went to sd and it worked fine!
  7. Led_Neck

    skin pack is gone

    No matter how many times i pick skin pack by goha ru it's not showing up! any suggestions?

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