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    losing mods

    planedrvr, I would start with the directory where you have WoT installed. Make sure it is NOT set to read only. Instead of just double clicking the exe file to run the installer, right click on it and then select run as administrator. The last thing I can offer is to take a screen shot of your WoT file tree with all folders expanded after you install, but before you start the game, then take another, after your game goes nuts. Then, if something is changing in those files, it should be easy to see it. I hope some of this helps! Good luck, and happy tanking!!

    Camo changer

    I just finished adding cammo to all of my tanks quite literally yesterday, and with today's update to the mod pack, the mod was turned off, I turned it back on when I updated, but low and behold, all of the tanks I put cammo on have none now! Do I need to paint all 152 again, and will this happen with every update, or will there be a way for the mod to remember between updates??

    Deadpool voice mod

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but when deadpool talks, it is near impossible to hear him. Is there any chance you can turn up the gain/volume so I/we can hear him??

    WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

    Hmm, seems like an odd problem that would be only killing 1 of 2 basically cloned rigs, but I cant give rational argument, as I know f all about programing. Thanks for the quick reply!! Now, if only the rail car mods returned.....

    WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

    I wonder why the hitzone skins are crashing some people , but not everyone? I was using koreanrandome's skins,and crashing, while my friend has no issues. We use the same mods all the way down the list too, with intel/nvidia rigs.

    MAS629's Train wagon mods

    I'm just wondering if this, or any other rail car mod will be returning? I'm sure it will need a full rework with all the map rebuilds WoT is doing. Thanks for all of your great work putting all of these mod options in one place!

    Small bug with the tank stats while in the garage

    Ahh ok. Thx for the info. I'll be sure to uncheck that next time I update.
  8. This is a small txt error that I have only noticed with this arty Loraine 155-55

    Getting ready for the 9.2

    Looks like NA wont have to wait for 9.2. We are getting it Wed July 30th.

    Over target marker configs

    Thank you for your help on this! I will now be able to set it as I like it again without using the trial and error method I used last night with notepad. ;) Keep up the great work your doing for us all!!!!!!!!!!!

    Over target marker configs

    No this isnt your config, but I was able to get aproxamalty the same in past versions. Can I edit at the XVM site without messing up the rest of the mod?

    Over target marker configs

    Since your 9.1 versions of the mod pack have been released, "the max info" version no longer allows player name to be seen. In the early 9.1 versions the player name was showing behind the other info, but now its gone completly. When I run the installer, I check the player name along with the max info option, but the installer unchecks it when its run. I seem to recall reading somewhere that your overtarget markers cant be edited with the XVM sites editor. XVM use to be a single file to edit, making it easy to adjust the config without torching the whole thing, that seems to have changed due to WoT changes. If you can add or adjust your config it would be nice! Barring that, if you could let me know the file that currently deals only with the overtarget section, I'm sure I can edit it to meet my needs. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this stellar mod pack! Below is what I want to see, and have seen in the past with your modpack.

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