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  1. no client detected

    Cool, thanks for the report!
  2. no client detected

    Hello if you play WoT , can you test this installer? ( Note: do not install it, it's empty ) TEST_INSTALLER
  3. no client detected

    Wow. Nice, thanks for the files.
  4. dostum bu son  yaptıgın çalışmıyor.

  5. Translating Application v1.3

    Hello, for now i advise you to not use the current Translating Application.... i cannot update it anymore ! Since my Rad Studio license expired, i started to port this application to C# Language, if anyone got C# knowledge do not hesitate to contact me on Skype! ( id: beginbegin94 ) Best regards, BeGiN
  6. Translating Application v1.3

    At the moment the app can load just the same version of cm file When I get home I will keep working on it I'm sorry for this issue... Regards BeGiN
  7. Translating Application v1.3

    Yes, i'm working on that error , hope i will make it to work today :)
  8. Translating Application v1.3

    The encoding should work now , mate. :) Thanks for your ideas , all were pretty good and helpful :) If you do have more , feel free to write them here, and i will try to implement them. Regards, BeGiN
  9. Translating Application v1.3

    Cool :D For me the text files are shown as UTF-8 w/o BOM but i selected that encoding.. :D i have no idea how to see in n++ the real encoding of a text file....
  10. Translating Application v1.3

    green = implemented red = not implemented Regards, BeGiN.
  11. Translating Application v1.3

    Hi Lee, and welcome ! ^^ Yea , you could say that :D
  12. Translating Application v1.3

    Nice idea , mate , will look into the ideas you provided :D Still i don't understand this , tho : " Also maybe add some padding to editboxes. " Can you define the "padding" ?:D Regards.
  13. Developed a new application that could help the future translators! Keep in mind that is the first version and expect some issues ( couldn't find any , until now :) ) Translating Application v1.3 - DOWNLOAD Changelog: v1.3 - Fixed some serious bugs regarding the "Reading access error"' - Showing "Incompatibility" Error if the Source file has less lines than the translation - Code improvements and small bugfixes v1.2 - Fixed encoding selector when saving a translation - Added progress bar when loading source file - Code improvements and small bugfixes v1.1 - fixed a big issue where the longer lines weren't completely deleted - polished the "Add language" popup a little ^^ - added link on the "Add language" popup window to ISO 639-1 language codes - ability to scroll with mouse-wheel v1.0 - first release Regards, BeGiN IDEAS @Aslain P.S: If you guys find any issue / think of an improvement, feel free to reply in this topic :)
  14. Problems at installation

    Have you tried to run the installer as admin? BeGiN.
  15. Features unavailable during install

    If a mod is grayed out means it's currently not available for 0.9.3 or it wasn't updated Keep your Aslain's Modpack Installer up to date and they will be available next releases! BeGiN