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  1. [] Acme Tank Icons

    Updated for
  2. include Acme Tank Icons in modpack?

    Could you include the Acme Tank Icons in your future modpacks? They're WoT-approved https://wgmods.net/1030/ and here in your Fan Zone Let me know if you want them packaged differently for ease of inclusion. Thanks!
  3. [] Acme Tank Icons

    Updated for 1.0.0
  4. tank contour icon with class and country

    Thanks for the link, Aslain. It now points to build 137, which worked for me in all respects.
  5. tank contour icon with class and country

    Is a Tank Icon Maker for WoT 1.0 available? Who is maintaining it these days? Thanks for any info. EDIT: OK, I understand now. The link above (Feb. 27, 2017) is being updated with new versions. Build b134 is able to read the 1.0 data.
  6. [] Acme Tank Icons Updated (fixed) to include WZ111 Alpine Tiger
  7. [] Acme Tank Icons

    Updated for
  8. [] Acme Tank Icons

    Yes, another set of icons. These are tuned to the info I want to see. Perhaps you'll find them useful too. Ready for Sample (contour friend and opponent, 3D): The tank types are color-coded: LT: Green MT: Olive HT: Red TD: Blue SPG: Purple Tier and national symbol are shown on each icon. The Chinese symbol is replaced by a yellow star for better contrast. For premium tanks the Tier number is colored gold (yellow) For special tanks the Tier number is colored red Tanks with an auto-loader at some level have a black asterisk Tanks with an auto-loader as the top gun also have a blue asterisk 3D icons are used in the tech tree and in the post-battle screens. Contour icons are used at the pre-battle screen and the in-battle screen. BattleAtlas and vehicleMarkerAtlas are countour with tank names BattleAtlasEnemy and vehicleMarkerAtlasEnemy face left (Aslain uses) Download extended sample (.pdf): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ov68k09tiwpre00/Acme icon samples.pdf?dl=0 Download icons (.zip), installation instructions included: https://www.dropbox.com/s/93i1u02ctl33xgt/Acme Icons gl hf, Coyo
  9. Aslain to Hospital

    Best wishes, Aslain!
  10. bad tankname on minimap

    Hi, Assuming that these screenshots are after you've died, as you go from teammate to teammate watching what they're doing, it's a known problem without a known solution. If it's anything else, you need to include the zipped logs as described in post #2, "How to report a bug or issue".
  11. left & right icons are different

    Thanks also for the implicit hint. I now see the "BattleAtlasEnemy" and "vehicleMarkerAtlasEnemy" and I understand.
  12. left & right icons are different

    Excellent, thanks!
  13. I get different icons on the left and right sides of the battle screen. I run your installer including one of the icons you offer. Then (if I have it ready at the latest version) I install my own that I made using TankIconMaker, by copying the attached res_mods directory to the game directory and selecting "ALL" to the "overwrite?" prompt. That's been working fine until now, completely replacing the modpack icons with my own. Now the modpack icons are still on the right ("them") side and mine are everywhere else: tech tree, post-battle, etc.. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip res_mods.zip
  14. The Personal Mission Assistant for TD-9 (2nd bunch) has an error. The requirement is 4 consecutive penetrating hits. The counter doesn't reset to 0 for a miss, bounce, etc. Can't capture in a screen shot, but you can see it in the replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3622982#tundra-wileecoyote_phd-pz_sfl_ivc Max consecutive I got was 3 (twice I think) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  15. SPG Custom crosshair

    Harpoon Mini works just fine.