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  1. Thanks for trouble-shooting that, everyone. I had the same problem, came here for an answer, and got one. I disabled that clan logo feature and it works.
  2. Could you include the Acme Tank Icons in your future modpacks? They're WoT-approved https://wgmods.net/1030/ and here in your Fan Zone Let me know if you want them packaged differently for ease of inclusion. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the link, Aslain. It now points to build 137, which worked for me in all respects.
  4. Is a Tank Icon Maker for WoT 1.0 available? Who is maintaining it these days? Thanks for any info. EDIT: OK, I understand now. The link above (Feb. 27, 2017) is being updated with new versions. Build b134 is able to read the 1.0 data.
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