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  1. Tankkiller_DK

    New update again

    Yes i know, but still f... WG
  2. Tankkiller_DK

    New update again

    Fuck WG new update again, and then the Modpak does not work, please update quickly
  3. Tankkiller_DK

    Fps drops to 10

    FPS drops to 10 every time i get killed and the screen hangs when i run the game in safe mode there is not this problem so some mod package must be the problem
  4. Tankkiller_DK

    advance tech tree

    AHHHH så kom de, mange tak, viste ikke at der en sådan menu. nu ved jeg det frem over, Takker
  5. Tankkiller_DK

    advance tech tree

    JA det ved jeg men der mangler stadig alle de vogne der måske kommer, eller de har planenrer om at komme med alle special vogne mangler også Hvor er f.eks. chrysler GF Tier8 Heavy den plejer at være der i Advance Teck tree og og e100 WT som de har planener om at komme med igen på tidspkt. bare nogle eks.
  6. Tankkiller_DK

    advance tech tree

    The pic ARE down at the bottom, an there are notting missing at the rigth this sis what i can see
  7. Tankkiller_DK

    advance tech tree

    And this is what i see i the German , and the Rusian tree
  8. Tankkiller_DK

    Advanced Vertical TechTree

    Advanced Vertical TechTree Still not working
  9. Tankkiller_DK

    Unknown crash to desktop bug.

    Yep it's "Gnomefather's HRMOD by Zorgane" that makes issues I've reinstated the game, omitted to install Aslain mode, installing "Gnomefather's HRMOD by Zorgane" from Zogane's website and here the game fails
  10. Tankkiller_DK

    wot modpack crashing

    The Gnome Father historic cannon sounds that do find some trouble, if you have these INSTALLED, I uninstalled them and WOT works again
  11. Tankkiller_DK

    wot modpack crashing

    Wargaming has sendt a new update, and some ting in the modpack does not work, wait a little bit, or re-install the game

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