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  1. Chimpestry

    WN8 Calculator is Hiding

    10b fixed it!! Thanks!!
  2. Chimpestry

    WN8 Calculator is Hiding

    Tried with only the WN8 calculator installed; still no joy. Logs attached. (I can live without ekspoint WN8 calc and use protanki version. It isn't as pretty and neither supporter 10 color WN8 . Still it is a mystery unsolved.) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Chimpestry

    WN8 Calculator is Hiding

    His Team WN8- Win Chance has never worked for me. Posted bug report in Feb. Your reply: "I cannot reproduce your problem with missing WinChance. Noticed one error that this mod cannot load stats, so it might be related to internet connection is blocked for this mod. That would explain it. 2018-02-18 13:08:30.816: INFO: [team_wn8_reting] Error stats loading" The calculator problem is new to .09 and the youtube ad. Tried downloading latest version of calculator mod for another site .... it didn't show the calculator either. Other ekspoint related stuff seems to work fine.
  4. Chimpestry

    WN8 Calculator is Hiding

    Works fine with the version installed in .08. Must be related to the link with youtube ad ekspoint added and NA. Seems the more links and ads he attaches to his mods, the less convenient they become to use.
  5. Chimpestry

    WN8 Calculator is Hiding

    Strange!! Maybe NA server related?? Is there a way to get a previous modpack version (.08 or before) for a test?
  6. Since .09, the WN8 calculator isn't displaying. Tried it in a couple of configurations and without any of my customizations. Logs attached. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Chimpestry

    A couple of small issues

    K, thanks for your prompt attention!!
  8. Have a couple of small issues: - Frost V3 (sexy) battle results is showing tanks (V2 or V1 I guess) not girls. Been happening since 9.22 started. - Unable to get the win percentage to display. The wotmod file and config file are installing and in correct folder but nothing is showing up in battle. Tested on clean modpack install with none of my customizations. Thanks for your work. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Chimpestry

    Non-critical bugs

    Got a pair of small bugs. I have none of my personal customizations zips added to check they were not the source of the bug. - Predator gun sight hat not displayed since it was re-added after the 9.20 update, defaults to the standard WG sight (Easy fix: I just select another sight) - The new mod that displays the individual rating and win percentage for individual tanks does not change only, shows the info for all tanks (Easy fix: just don't select it). If you do get it working, is there a json config file to move it around the hangar? No biggies but I figured you might want look into them at some point. Thanks for all your work. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. Chimpestry

    No Battle Results

    Same problem. Battle Results panel appears if I stay to the end of battle, but if I leave early it does not. The details button for past battles does not bring up the Battle Results panel. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  11. Chimpestry

    Damage log

    @nevaehruo_1. . . On the top red box: Don’t know how to move the win chances around; I don’t use them. But you can move the “667” part. It’s location is set in the “mod_battle_observer.json” file in the folder ... World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.16\scripts\client\gui\mods\. Using Notepad++, it can be turned off on line 29 by changing “true” to “false”. It can be moved by changing the “x” and “y” values in lines 31 and 32. Changing the “x” value to 1420 will put it above the enemy players panel on other side of screen. On the bottom red box: The top three items can be turned off in the ingame settings World of Tanks. Not for sure which damage panel you are using but its position is usually set in “Log.cfg” file in the folder… World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\DamageLog\.
  12. Chimpestry

    9.16.00 Minor Bugs

    Some minor bugs: Mod configurator button in garage mostly blocks comparison button at bottom right of screen willow2000 custom needs updating (advanced.swf?) Empty barracks Minimap reverts to smallest setting every game Have to use task manager to fully shut down game (ShuraB Stats?) Some sort of conflict in upper left corner (see pic); clock, damage, shield and radio icon/stats do not appear in vanilla A couple of updates: Tomonik stats has a temporary 9.16 partial update; used it for 10-15 games, found no bugs Hangman Hangars mod has been updated _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  13. From the time of 9.15.1 WoT patch, the HD version of the GoHa.Ru skins had not been working for me, which I wrote off as some sort of glitch related to the WoT patch. Then in the last couple of days, I decided to try the SD version in Aslain's installer and the skins worked. Upon checking the hitzone_skins_by_GoHaru_HD_915 zip in Aslains DLC, I found the HD zip was either corrupted or empty. Deleted the HD zip from the DLC, ran Aslain's installer again, selecting the HD and the HD version worked as it should.
  14. Chimpestry

    Four Minor Issues

    I can live with that! I actually started liking the one from pharaon more anyway!
  15. Chimpestry

    Four Minor Issues

    v2 by Nabool still not working fully – note the missing horizontal bar in pic below (none of my custom additions added) figured it out, was a conflict in one of my custom additions (Tomonik stats) – turned off post battle pop-up in json which also shut down the research watchdog pop-up _Aslain_logs.zip python.log

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