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  1. Lasman67

    'Marks On Gun Extended' mod

    Thx, i search it in other section and find it before 3 minutes :-D THX
  2. Lasman67

    'Marks On Gun Extended' mod

    Quaksen then tel me where ? i search yesterday in setup 45 minutes , but find only Enhancend mark of excelence. Can you write me in what section it is? i have it, OMG
  3. Lasman67

    'Marks On Gun Extended' mod

    Hi Aslain, i hope than you add this mod to your package
  4. Lasman67

    christmas decoration

  5. Lasman67

    christmas decoration

    How i can turn off christmas decoration in battle?
  6. Lasman67

    Damage log

    ufff, i dont use chance t win, i dont know where you may move it , build in messages is not movable i mean, you must move mod messages
  7. Lasman67

    Damage log

    2 nevaehruo_1 : in \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\DamageLog\Log.cfg edit line for X value, i add + 200 , my log.cfg vakues are "position" : { "x" : 429, // координаты элемента по оси Х. "y" : -229, // координаты элемента по оси Y.
  8. Lasman67

    Damage log

    I use Notepad2 from Flo http://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html clasic notepad and wordpad is not good for editing thats files
  9. Lasman67

    Damage log

    THX for solution
  10. Lasman67

    Damage log

    How to move DMG log to other position? Colide with build-in hit log
  11. Instalation run without any error message. After start gamne i havent 3 lines carousel in garage, no hitlog no dmg panel. i try instal previous version, uninstal modpack complete and install again but nothing change thx for help _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
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