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  1. You need to chill out, dude. Now tell me, if this mod showed winrate, what would TWO colours stand for? Do not be daft.
  2. Well, you also misunderstood what Rajcel meant. If those colours represented winrate, the colour showing current battle performance would be pointless, as there is no such thing as winrate for the current battle - you either won or lost (I am counting draws as defeats.)
  3. Same thing started happening to me as of today. Didn't have problems with it before. 32-bit mode helps. EDIT: today's micropatch (24.3.) resolved it for me
  4. There used to be an option in the installer to delete them, but I guess Aslain removed it to minimize the strain on his DLC server.
  5. Can confirm this. Happened to me and my clanmates about every 5-6 times opening Battle Hits.
  6. Sorry Aslain, my bad. I posted a message to the developer. Hopefully he will correct this.
  7. After the v1.10.1.1 #18 (05-11-2020) update, some of the Julie's voice notifications are much louder than the others and are also quite distorted. This is reproducible in the WoT sound settings by clicking "Test sound" next to "Voice Messages in Battle" multiple times (if you have the Julie voicepack installed.) I know this has nothing to do with the modpack itself, but since I don't know where to contact the mod developers, I am posting it here hoping Aslain can raise the issue with them. And once again, thanks @Aslain for all the hard work. I could not play the game w
  8. @Aslain I have tried your test installer and it works pretty much the same as #17 did. No problems with the two monitor setup, at least for me. The progress bar is still there though, but for a much shorter time.
  9. Yup, the order has been restored. Thanks, master @Aslain
  10. The same thig is happening to me as well. Also, that small window with progress bar before installer opens is actually centered between my two monitors, so I can see half on one monitor, half on the other. The modpack installer itself loads on a "wrong" monitor, but that has started happening only a few iterations back, just like with @ZoeBallz I have also tried closing and reopening, but no change. This is not a big deal for me because I have my both monitors powered on the whole time, but I can see how it can frustrate if you have the secondary powere
  11. Oh, never mind. I know my settings are strange, no need to sugarcoat it (just kidding.) Yea, in-game settings are not very straight forward as you can't really tell which sounds fall under which category. Not to even mention bugs such as arty hits disaster. BTW, here's the video I was telling you about. It is really interesting. Definitely worth a look:
  12. Actually, the weirdness comes from TruVoodoo's recommended sound settings. If you look at his YouTube video about it you will see he has some valid points.
  13. Well, I must admit I have a weird sound settings combo, but it works for me. Here is a screenshot of my in-game sound settings, but note that WoT is set to only 10% in windows Volume Mixer (screenie 2.) That way there is noting coming from WoT that could startle me. I am on Windows 10 though. Not sure if you can change per-app volume in Windows 7 Volume Mixer.
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