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  2. Just send you a replay Aslain, had the exact same problem. For now i use the "OTM with thick HP bars by aslain" and it solved my issue.
  3. I install modpacks as I do it so far for years in C:\Games\World_of_Tanks, launch the game and realize that mods are not working....nothing, nothing at all. I have done integrity check, I have done Recommended options still not working...but the game itself working properly... Really don't know what is the issue here Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Wargaming changed their mind several times over the years on if the mod was legal or not. Until recently, they said it was legal because it didn't show anything that you can't get from a legal zoom out mod or from communication with teammates. Now I wonder if they will ban communication with teammates next because it gives an unfair advantage. lol
  5. It will let me change everything but my Game name. My new Game name is BIG_WORM all caps. If u can change it for me or not no biggie. Probably doesnt matter here since all is functional either way. Thx again for your help and patience
  6. and why do you post in random topic? redownload it.....
  7. good evening, I play with the following mods,and nothin is working, it's the first time i have this problem,,thank you zeiss expert 1x15 detection icons clear version navigator info panel (enemy) detailed damage meter
  8. I havn't seen it's out yet, my bad, thx
  9. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip So I started to play ranked battles, and the playernames tab acted weirdly, as for the opposing tames the tank icons, and the names, and statistics appeared right beside my teams stats. While loading up the battles, it did not show any stats nor names, just left the places blank.
  10. Got the same from link 1 Link 2 also not working, corrupted files message
  11. v1.5.0.3 #01 (20-05-2019): - akt. XVM 7.9.3-dev [9081] (dezaktywacja XVM w bitwach rankingowych)
  12. v1.5.0.3 #01 (20-05-2019): - updated XVM 7.9.3-dev [9081] (disabled XVM in the ranking battles)
  13. Witam mam taki problem z pierwszych dwóch linków... może go rozwikłasz bo nie idzie nic zrobić... wyłączam antywirusa, jako admin instaluuje i nic... z linku nr 3 poszła instalka i działa... także dla kolejnych którzy będą szukać rozwiązania to link numer 3 powinien zadziałać. Bynajmniej u mnie działa. pozdrawiam
  14. But, but, but .... Nothing but. The GC was designed specifically for this "mass" of advertising. The launcher is enough. Now rebuilt for CT games for me. So far without problems. Just accept this opinion. There is "nothing" that I can not achieve without GC. As a "WoT player" I see no advantage. But on the contrary.
  15. the setup file are corrupted
  16. I'd like to see a WoWs modpack by Aslain!!! Istopped plauing WoT as they do whatever they want.....nerf and buff.....getting bored....
  17. And why you post it in random thread? I will split it up. Read my signature and attach logs and details. What is not working. Be descriptive.
  18. If you mean tankview. That mod is no longer in the modpack and will never be, it's forbidden mod now.
  19. To pobierac do skutku i z innego linku.
  20. Pobrałem ostatnią aktualizację i nie mogę otworzyć mam komunikat że plik jest uszkodzony.
  21. But there's "advertising" in the Launcher too? *shrug* And noone is forcing you to read any of it, before clicking play.
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