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  2. Revision of App "CompleteLis". Now you can sort origin file and write on HD. ( only uncompressed and rewrite it) Add Spanish translation for test. Best regards AppCompleteListWithAnotherList.zip WoT_es_translation_1.10.0.2_06.ini
  3. Today
  4. New or old doesn't matter the cause lays on your pc, you have to deal with that, maybe the file wasn't downloaded properly. You said you deleted the file and it's extracting, so I guess it's all good now?
  5. English updated: WoT_en_translation_1.10.0.2_06.ini - Removed 250 obsolete lines - some changes
  6. Hello, in the new versions v. the Zip-Extrokting stops secound after beginning. When i del. the KoreanHitzone (hitzoneSkins_KoreanRandom_11000) from the Downloadcache it downloaded again and the Zip-Files are extrakting. Sorry for my bad englisch. greatings
  7. I have zero control over this, you either live with this or not using these sounds. :/ There is a chance that current event hangars may cause issues in such mods, maybe once events are over it gets back to normal.
  8. I need to see all logs, especialy python.log. LOADINF is not generating new .inf, after using LoadInf: Launch the installer again, manualy, and reinstall mods for the second time, at this point new .inf will be created.
  9. The songs from "Anime Summer edition 2016 instrumental" , they are overlapping in the garage, also , one or two do have vocals , but pls keep them. (During battle sometimes they start to play but for only 30 secs (or around 30 secs) The songs from "Anime Winter edition 2016 instrumental" yo.. why its so quiet in the garage?? - theres not even wind noise. ( During battle they are playing normally [mod is working well] )
  10. I used the WG link with no issue thanks!
  11. Yesterday
  12. We are 3 in the clan who crashed, after removing XVM minimap we did not crash anymore, I don't have logs since aslain installer removed them. I got inf installer settings tho. Btw. can you change so that an _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf is still written even if you are running /LOADINF=Aslains_Installer_Options.inf paramter? It's pain in the azz not to get latest savings because you are running paramter when reinstalling. Currently when using /LOADINF=Aslains_Installer_Options.inf a new file is not generated at all, maybe call it Aslains_Installer_Options_New.inf _Aslains_Installer_OptionsOLD.inf
  13. Bump - This is still wanted and payment is available.
  14. Dzięki za weryfikację, nawet nie podejrzewałem modów o to, bo jak mówiłem od dawna to mam i pod wieloma konfiguracjami. Przekażę to dalej, bo WG też kiedyś chcieli powtórkę.
  15. v1.10.0.2 #05 (23-09-2020): - dodano Duże cyfry na ikonach amunicji [#847] - akt. Safe Shot Champi
  16. v1.10.0.2 #05 (23-09-2020): - added Large numbers on the ammo icons [#847] - updated Safe Shot Champi
  17. Bez modów też nie nic nie świeci, może spytaj WG support.
  18. I used to have similar issues with unresizable windows. I have 3 workarounds that actually solved that issues for me. They might not be very convenient, but they allowed me to work. These solutions were: 1. ResizeEnable - small software that can make resizable some of the unresizable windows - works in many cases, but not for all of them. 2. Change the screen resolution for the time of installation to some standard one (4:3 proportions). 3. Set the compatibility of exe (installer) file to run under 640x480 resolution.
  19. Install Armour Penetration Indicator from PMOD
  20. OK, mam powtórkę z ostatniej wersji WOTa. Na momencie 13:10 powinna mi się zapalić żarówka, nic takiego się nie stało. Załączam powtórkę, poza wspomnianym brakiem żarówki nie ma za bardzo na co patrzeć. 60TP - no 6th sense.wotreplay
  21. Hi, Is there an aiming circle mod option that displays both shell speed and penetration? Most of the current ones just show number of shells. There are a couple that show one or the other, but not both. If one of these already exists, sorry for posting this, just tell me which one it is. Thanks, CroftLLC
  22. if you have issues with Adfly, you can always try the [direct] links and if that give problems there is always WGmods.net https://wgmods.net/46/ a while back, i was not even able to DL anything from adfly in my house, somehow it was fixed after a couple weeks. i always tried to DL with adfly, since i was not able to support aslains work in other forms
  23. 3d icons in the playerpanel? that is "Vehicle Contour Icons", run the installer and select something else you would rather prefer or disable (de-select it)
  24. On the team list, it is showing 3D images of the tanks. How do I disable?
  25. I tried to download the update tonight and all download server links send me to an Adfly sight and windows warns me not to install the download. I have never had this happen in the past?
  26. Last week
  27. Monitors 1080 x 1920 24 "vertically, 1920x1080 40" horizontally, 1080x1920 24 "vertically In this configuration, the monitors have the same height and form + - one surface. White space nor showing. Out off central monitor.
  28. Could you show it on screenshot? (the installer window on such monitor) I'm very curious.
  29. Weird. Heh. But I guess it's very not normal to have 1080x1920 as main monitor. If you are using scaling it would make it too long, if it adapted to the 1920x1080.. but I guess it doesn't.
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