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  2. Check your antivir/router/network connection. It's not a bug or something, it's on your pc only.
  3. Please stop quoting me on that, i was adressing BodiDeNiro on that part, not your logs. Keeping your game, modpack, drivers, OS, whatever else up2date is all nice, but having stuff updated won't magically fix some issues, especially not faulty hardware. You still claim it's modpack's issue? Fine, post latest logs (your latest logs are from modpack Version: Faulty hardware/drivers works in misterious ways. (Loading/filling your ram/pagefile and having some rom reads from drive are not same thing as actually troubleshooting stuff). Since you have internal ssd + internal hdd + external hdd you should be able to troubleshoot that external hdd, if you care about it... example1: plug external on different port, example2: try different data/power cable, example3: plug external on different PC, example4: ultimately move game back to internal storage then restart laptop and unplug external hdd, reinstall modpack If you actually tested that external drive and still having crashes/BSOD on: different port, different data/SATA/USB cable, different PC, back on internal storage then i "might" believe you (not) it's modpacks issue. Until you actually test that external (sinse that's where it all started) and post some updated logs, you are not having modpack issues (also there would be dozens of reports about crashes and BSOD). Now crashes could be tolerated as possible modpack issue to some extent (even then if could be drivers/third party software/etc), but now that we are talking about BSOD...like cmon seriously modpack issue? When you return from UK check that external. Unless is modpack related we can only give you suggestions and vague support, we are not WG support to fix your client or IT guys to fix your PC over internet. Sry for long reply, but i feel we are running in circle...
  4. v1.5.1.1 #10 (25-06-2019): - akt. XVM 7.9.7-dev [9199] - naprawiono celownik XVM: Informacje celowania
  5. v1.5.1.1 #10 (25-06-2019): - updated XVM 7.9.7-dev [9199] - fixed XVM sight: Aim Info
  6. if not using aslain mod pack, my wot pc is almost never have crash with RTSS = ON ....
  7. i still am getting this and starting a game is taking long too
  8. everything is up to date so far. and there are no issues. the only thing that's triggering issues right now is when i run WoT with mods. Win10 is up to date. all drivers are up to date. the only major change this year is my laptop's keyboard getting repaired, so the SSD and harddisk was briefly unplugged for a month while it was in the shop. if the issues stem from there then i would be getting BSOD outside WoT...except for the sole reason that it really only happens when i run WoT with mods now. the WoT files were moved from an internal HDD to an external HDD. so to re-summarize: -i moved WoT files to another HDD (should have no issues) -drivers and Win10 are up to date -modpacks installed are as up to date as possible -game is up to date -game refuses to run with mods and freezes/crashes on loading screen, occasionally blue-screening after that. -game still refuses to run mods after a complete reinstall of game client and modpack -game runs perfectly normal on safe mode/vanilla (complete uninstall of modpack). noticeable lack of BSOD. -therefore the game client has nothing wrong with it -if hardware/drivers are the cause to the BSOD, i should be getting BSOD even when not playing WoT. but it did not BSOD, even under noticeably heavier usage (eg: running BFV, opening 20 tabs on chrome while running WoT vanilla, whatever). therefore it is not a driver/hardware issue. -therefore the source of why the mod is not working remains unknown -Ress notices some "weird code" on my older logs. perhaps that's related to the issue? did i get everything @Aslain @Ress ? ps: will be travelling to UK for a week so might not check the forums as often.
  9. Zroob screena z tym errorem. Mozesz tez sprobowac wyczyscic folder z plikami dossier na wypadek jesli sie uszkodzily, ale to trzeba wejsc w %appdata% ...... i tam pokasowac z wargaming.net/world of tanks
  10. do dziś logowałem się a ,dzisiaj po synchronizacji akt osobowych wyskakiwało okienko od wota z errorem nie znam angielskiego wiec nie wiem o co im chodzi ?
  11. Jedyne co mi do glowy przychodzi to jakis program zainstalowany na komputerze, ktory blokuje modom dostep do internetu. Niektore mody lacza sie aby sprawdzic czy sa nowe wersje, inne pobieraja dane wn8 itp. byly przypadki ze jak zablokuje im sie dostep to potrafia spowodowac ze gra loguje sie w nieskonczonosc. Niestety nie opisales dokladnie problemu wiec musze troche zgadywac.
  12. wie ktoś co sie stało sziś rano nie mogłem się zalogować ,dopiero kiedy odinstalowałem mod pak aslajna było to możliwe ?
  13. Last week
  14. I have had a similar problem to this in Frontline battles. The tank I start the battle with will have ALL buttons enabled (Ammunition, Repair & Frontline Buttons). When I die and re-join with another tank, then I only have Ammunition and Frontline Buttons showing (and active). However, IF I pick another tank it too will also only have Ammunition & Frontline buttons active Though IF, I go back to my original tank that I started the battle with, then I will have all the buttons active. The amount of times I was playing the 2nd/ad infinitum Tank, got damaged and I couldn't repair as no button was active. It looked like a WG stitch up! I have done all the Mod Removal WG insists on and I have reset game settings and reset cache. (Only problem now is that I am unable to test Frontline as it is not running for the next 20 odd days!)
  15. Thanks Ress and Aslain - you helped me do more science. I deleted all mods and walked them back in one at a time with Hawgs. And now it works. No idea what happened, but I will try that again in the future. Thanks for help.
  16. xvm.log (everything looks clean, until that final error/crash) python.log (hard to navigate entire log thx to WG spam, but this is around that crash) Can't make anything out of it, maybe Aslain has some ideas. By any chance you updated your gpu drivers recently, also do you have crashes without RTSS (does RTSS crashes with wot) or in safe mode ?
  17. najgorsze jest to że teraz wysypuje grę w bitwach 30vs30 X tier na końcu bitwy . przesyłam logi. może ktoś coś wie . skoda byłoby usunąć modpacka :( Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  18. Just installed Hawgs contour icons using latest modpack and no issues. What Ress said, I'm installing that contour icons to res_mods not to mods.
  19. after some random battles..... its crash in my garage..... why................... ?? :( Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  20. If not mistaken Hawg's class contour icons use battleAtlas only (no individiual png icons) ? So you should have battleAtlas with Hawg icons inside ...res_mods/
  21. Still missing with I did some science and removed all mods but Contour:Hawg and the C:/Games/World_of_Tanks/mods/ directory is empty.
  22. Good luck mate! If you want donator title send me PM with your name/surename under you donated. Cheers.
  23. Yes... After you told me the german name i didn't find anything and then i googled shell info to see what the Mod does... But since the Update #8 the Game didn't crash... Let's hope that i keeps running Great Thanks for your Support Tip is on the Way
  24. v1.5.1.1 #09 (24-06-2019): - dodano Dźwięki dział Shimada_sama - dodano Paski ogólnego życia drużyn (XVM) [5 wariantów] (komp.404) - akt. Hangar Manager 'HangMan' ze swobodną kamerą - akt. Limpid Stickers
  25. v1.5.1.1 #09 (24-06-2019): - added Shimada_sama's gun sound - added XVM Team HP Pool Bars [5 variants] (comp.404) - updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with free camera - updated Limpid Stickers
  26. thanks :( i some how MISSED it...and never use it in frontlines b4 this would be the first time..so will do everything you guys said thanks
  27. You cannot use the auto consumables mod in Frontlines. Frontlines has been around 5 times now, and it's been said every time. Please pay attention to this particular selection you have: Auxilium [read mod descriptions!] Enable auto-mounting of equipment Enable auto-mounting of consumables Do the thing in the brackets.
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