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  2. wrong, just because someone has an actual, problem, you gotta "blame the user having the problem" Seriously, you think you're better then everyone else, and you get off to labeling other's badly.... I'm sorry dude, but i did exactly what the mod pack told me, Installed it correctly. so before you label someone, try to get to know them first. I'm not asking anyone else for help, since nobody here takes anyone seriously. And if you continue harassing other's who have issues, i dunno man... someone will flip, and alert the authorities on ya. All i know is, my game kept having issues, and kept freezing, and because i had an actual issue, everyone on here called me a liar... so i dunno what to tell ya...
  3. I have tried to reproduce problem with battle hits viewer, but no luck so far. However the game crashed for me several times when I clicked on X to close its window, and it was with XVM only, so I think the problem might be more complex :/
  4. There is not currently. I think it's still impossible to mod this element, in the past it was possible. Maybe they unlocked it now, hard to tell, but I don't think so.
  5. Aczkolwiek, watpie bym mogl cos z tym zrobic, mozna by ewentualnie zrobic ikonki ktore sa wyzej usadzone ale wtedy bedzie nienaturalna przerwa pomiedzy nimi a paskami/nazwami okretow
  6. Yesterday
  7. World of Warships . Is there a mod showing N E S W on compass? My Compass only shows N ...it is a little difficult when in action to go "East" when turned about...thank you for all that you do...
  8. Ah, hmm.. it's a browser it seems, that shouldn't mess with a program you're trying to install, that seems weird. But I'm glad you solved it, not sure anything could be done there. But if it's bundled with other stuff fro Comodo, that would explain that. As for your streaming, if you can load it into something like foobar2000 or another free lightweight media player, that could be an option instead of a browser. (I also noticed Firefox being memory hungry, and I know Chrome is, especially with extensions installed)
  9. Sure. I installed Ice Dragon by Comodo. It comes with prepackaged cloud anti virus programs that I was unaware of because I didn't read everything when I installed it. Once I uninstalled them, the installer worked fine. I'm trying to find a lighter browser to use to stream music while I'm in the game and it's one of the ones I'm testing. Firefox works fine for that but it has memory creep. So does WOT. I've only got 8 gigs of memory atm and plan on adding more but in the meantime I'm trying to keep my memory usage down. I have to keep an eye on it otherwise after a couple hours of play, between the browser and the game, I can end up with 90% or more being used. If it hits 100%, which has happened, the computer locks up. So about every hour or hour and a half I shut both down and restart them. After restart it drops to about 35 - 38% and will be fine for anther hour or so. It's a quick fix but it works until I get more memory for my rig. I shut down all unnecessary programs running in the background but still run MSI Afterburner, HWinfo64, and Teamspeak as well. Those 3 don't really use much memory and don't appear to leak much, if at all. In short, yes, it was an anti virus program that appeared to be blocking it.
  10. Check your windows, especialy antivir.
  11. No idea. It's just something with battle hits or a conflict with the other mod. Either way it's better to ask the author of this mod, unfortunately I'm not in touch with him.
  12. What I mean with it is that you have that selected, that that might cause it to not work if you haven't selected the version folder as the MMM programs target :) So what I meant is try to remove that setting in the modpack, or try to change MMM's target folder.
  13. That's an interesting perspective, I'll give it a try! Might need a better fix regardless, but hey if it works at least it solves my problem! Cheers
  14. dzisiaj znowu sytuacja się powtórzyła o godzinie 20:18 python.log
  15. Niestety, nie udało mi się ustalić co blokuje część modyfikacji. Poddałem się, bo nie mam ochoty na reinstalację systemu, a i to nie wiem czy pomoże. Alternatywnym rozwiązaniem było postawienie całej paczki na laptopie bez wota, i przekopiowanie tego ręcznie na komputer z WOTem. Wszystko zadziałało...
  16. W modzie Auxilium jest możliwość skonfigurowania tzw dynamicznego zooma (coś co było w BO). Sęk w tym, że cały mod (wszystkie opcje np Players Panel) jest niepotrzebny bo jego konfig koliduje z xvm konfig. Czy jest możliwość żeby odcedzić tylko fragment dot. zooma? Pozdr.
  17. If you need a hand with the zip file, just let me know which option youd like from the mods
  18. a co do moda kierunki poruszania się okrętów to zalecam poprawić lokację ikonki , ponieważ gdy się da dodatkową jako priorytet to A zasłania to czy stoi,czy płynie do przodu albo cofa w danym momencie
  19. i can launch Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. , but recent version bug my explorer ; anyone have a idee ?
  20. Yeah, thats true, I didnt think of that. Ill try addimg them mannualy as you said.
  21. do poprawki , nie wiem jaki to mod to powoduje w drzewku ,iż Conqueror jest jako premium , ale mam mod złote ikonki premium okrętów w karuzeli
  22. The problem with both of those is going to be that the first one would require 40 extra lines to add all of them, and the other one a massive 84 extra lines, for a total of 124 "new mods", which is crazy excessive. I know with some other cases he has added just a few options instead of all of them. You can quite easily use Aslain's Custom Mods folder to install your preferred one. Just place the one you'd like into a properly structured zip file (explanations are in the readme file in the Custom Mods folder), and it'll be installed with each time you run the modpack.
  23. Last week
  24. Idk if you should bother with it, but I found this mod cool, here is the link to the official site: https://wgmods.net/2906/ Edit: If u ever consider adding that mode, add this aswell please, they are quite similar: https://wgmods.net/3335/
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