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  2. OK - didn't think I was trying to get into the new mode, but it's early and I'll try it again. confirm trying to enter random battle, same results (and I tried a couple diff vehicles), another set of logs attached (and I can send the WG Check logs, if that will help you). FYI - don't see the new game mode as an option for battle. Guessing something went south during the update on my PC and will do a fresh install of the game (bummer, but it is Monday). Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. You didnt tell what battle. But Dont use mods in the new game mode.
  4. Got the updates this morning and have some unusual behaviour: click to join battle and will sit on initial screen for 15 - 20 seconds, then kick me out, first couple times got the error message: "wrong args", exited and restarted game, then got error message "error loading arena" (or something close to that). Currently running the game checker. Logs attached. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. These mods are not bound to XVM, everything outside of XVM branch is not XVM related.
  6. W trybie Stalowy łowca gra się zawiesza po skończeniu misji , można wejść go walki w tym trybie ale nic nie można zrobić w garażu itp
  7. That's interesting - I use chrome, so that might be a factor, thanks!
  8. v.8.7.0 #03 (26-08-2019): - dodano Stingy Defaults by MegaDommagam (mod pozwalający zapobiec przypadkowemu wydawaniu dublonów - uwaga nie działa tak samo jak gold locker we WoT! odwiedź angielski temat autora dla szczegółów działania) - akt. mxstat - akt. ikonki konturów: Decease - akt. ikonki klanów - akt. Menadżer kamuflażu
  9. v.8.7.0 #03 (26-08-2019): - added Stingy Defaults by MegaDommagam - updated mxstat - updated contour icons: Decease - updated clan icons - updated Camouflage Manager
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  11. I have both downloaded, each on different drives but the Modpack isn't refusing to download because of the Asia download
  12. I'd like to download 'Zoom-in for sniper mode' and 'Default Zoom Settings' as individual files. Is it possible? And Can I use it without xvm installation?
  13. Hey, is that only crosshair mods that doesn't work for you are anything else? I'm pretty sure they should have work fine, as long as you have proper Type or Dynamic selected in the game options. Make sure you are installing the modpack as admin (right click on exe) and launch the game as the one as well. Attach me logs (see my signature on how to), and screenie with proof from a battle. Preferable start with Nomogram one.
  14. Solution: Do NOT use the mods that automatically move camo/equipment/consumables around on tanks.
  15. No logs so I can only guess that it's a local issue related to some software you have installed, like antivir or firewall randomly blocking the mods from connecting to the internet.
  16. v1.6.0.3 #00 (26-08-2019): - wstępna kompatybilność z WoT - akt. XVM 8.0.2-dev [9306] - info: jak zawsze przy wprowadzeniu nowego trybu gry zalecam granie go bez modów na razie (tryb bezpieczny) aż moderzy nie dostosują swoich modów do niego
  17. v1.6.0.3 #00 (26-08-2019): - initial compatibility with WoT - updated XVM 8.0.2-dev [9306] - info: as always when the new game mode is introduced I don't recommend to use mods there for now (play in safe mode) until the modders adjust their mods for that
  18. Missing my preferred Mod .. it works only on :-) thanks for your are Aslain !! Alain
  19. I have had a few battles not load at all. Usually exiting the game and relaunching the client, gets me back in the game, but not on my last game. Just hangs on the battle screen and notta. Had this issue a few versions back, but it has now returned.
  20. I seem to have the problem occur if I have Chrome running in the background, which is memory heavy.
  22. Thanks - I'm familiar with the process. When I first started, WoT was notorious for leaky memory and I just figure that rebooting clears my caches and the ram and starts fresh. Don't know if that's still a problem or not - I'm really more curious as to what's going on. (If I get serious about it, I'll run a vanilla client for 2 or 3 hundred games and see if the issue appears.
  23. Not sure if this helps, I have something very similar. I go into Task manager Crt Alt Del, find the WG game, expand the menu on it and end the game, then just restart thru the game menu. No need to restart the PC. I do same thing if I hang when I go into a game, and I will just enter the game maybe a minute after its started.
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  25. Once or twice in a hundred games, I will see this: attempt to exit to hanger/garage and the main UI goes black, the hit/damage log and other assorted panels, etc remain in view & game hangs. When I close the window via the windows key/sub-menu, the game remains in memory and I reboot the computer in order to restart the game. (Next time I see it, I'll use task manager just as an exercise.) The replay is unavailable - logs attached, let me know if you want anything else. Again, rare and not urgent for me . . .thanks Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  26. Hello All Long time user of the Mod Packs. And updated to current 8.7.02. But I have a Question I am just coming back to game after some military time away. and trying to use my old Crosshair (KRAB v2) and try an new one as well(Nomogram turquoise) v1/ But I tried both and do not show up in game. Type 1 for the Krab in Static and there is no selection on Dynamic just the regular game crosshair. I did get the Kraken to show up but did not have distance indicator in the crosshair, same with nappelcommander. Please help. or guide me to what to do to gt these to work. And I do go into settings and choose select crosshair options.
  27. Post screenshot with proof too.
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