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    v4.2.34 (21-03-2015): - updated Moonio's contour icons v1.8 - re-branched the OTM reload section: split into textual and circual display - added option to load the installer with small window / disable mod-preview - added option: No Fog to Improved Lighting Mod branch - added new mod: Enhanced camouflage skins by vito74 [next to Hitzones in installer] - added new mod: Destroyed objects sounds by vito74m - added new mod: Gui sounds & some crew voices by vito74m - added new mod: Intro music & ambience sounds by vito74m - added new mod: Contour Icons by vito74m - note: the Better Minimaps by vito74m require to set texture quality to max in game options! [if you don't you will see a blurry minimap images]
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    been every game, when they are ammo racked... Stays on the map in bright enemy colours..... It kinda throws you, as you tend to head off that way, then you look at the teams, and see its dead..... Ok will disable able that tomorrow... though its an awesome mod..... Thanks for having a look mate, now go get rugged up, I have to tweak the aircon some more LOL
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