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    The downloads arent slow.. just saying.. Takes 10 sec with 9MB/s, so no idea what you are referring to... its not like 10 sec is slow anyway, go back in time and try ADSL speeds then we can talk Modstation are doing the same mostly, but for each patch update not mod update. No idea if Aslain would want that, costs him money to host the files instead of adding a new exe file.
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    Aslain's XVM config includes option to show contour icon on 1st line over HP bar. With contour icon mod such as Ashbane's or Pog's this makes it easy for players to study unfamiliar tanks by looking at icon over target, but makes the screen look extremely messy with large multi-coloured icons flying all over the place. I hereby request an addition to the config: Show contour icons in OTM upon pressing L.ALT. This will make it easy for users of Ashbane's and Pog's icons to study unfamiliar tanks by looking at the contour icon over the target while pressing L.ALT, instead of spending valuable time in battle searching for the target in the players panels, and will not clutter the screen during normal gameplay. Best of both worlds. If it is possible to make clan icons show under L.ALT, I imagine it is also possible (given my understanding and past experience in editing OTM config) to make contour icon behave in this manner. Thank you.
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