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  1. Should i change my Logo ?
  2. Ok, i try again, tnx boss
  3. I just installed new modpack like 45 min. ago, thats what i get, you see in picture
  4. Game wont start after new patch
  5. T__J

    Mission helper

    , would like to get Mission helper, like we had in 9.17 if that possible, tnx
  6. T__J

    AutoAim helper

    Can we get an old Autoaim helper like from 9.15 or 9.16, that can you preaim ennemie tank behind rock or other object? Or those is illegal now?
  7. Tab key doesn't work in last 2_08 update, can't point on minimap, or look stats. Need fixed ASAP please.
  8. T__J

    Grass, in WOT game

    Thank you
  9. T__J

    Grass, in WOT game

    anyone knows how to remove grass from WOT game ? I need mod, or i can do it in game settings ?, please explain or write me in PM, thank you.
  10. Bug is in hitlog position , always stays on top, , tryied 4 times already to move to mid. not working.
  11. Yes, 30 min. ago, still same problem , any solutions ? Installed and deleted maby 5 times already ...
  12. Game don't start due to Crew update,waiting 10-15 min. ( Endless loading ) and game still won't launch.NA server. Please resolve this issue. Any solutions?
  13. T__J

    How to post in shoutbox?

    Yes just registered, i am very like your Mods, never used anything else in 5 years playing. :) Just now crew wont load if u see my aother post, TY Aslain,+10 points i added picture there...
  14. Moved post to WOT, sorry for missed placing
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