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  1. LOL! totally agree.
  2. Kudos mate for adding the alternative download package & site that excludes the rather childish & immature "adult" mods. It is SO MUCH smaller, faster, & to-the-point. I'm all for sex & adult stuff (look closely my WofT icon & read my signature), but including childish crap in a WAR game = wasted time & effort. There are 000's of sites to get your jollies; WofT shouldn't be one. ie, a great & fun 1 with lotsa stupid & sexy sharings from around the world = https://****
  3. chump25


    OK. Roger. Wilco. Thanks for reply & explanation. [email protected]* for most recent contributions. Onward thru the Fog, Chump 25 * for anyone who wants a TRULY PRIVATE, SECURE email that is NOT created &/or monitored some Big Corp, highly recommend protonmail.com. totally encrypted created & developed for & used by CERN particle accelerator Institute in Switzerland
  4. chump25


    Greetings Aslain & staff. I have donated to support your excellent efforts & helpful consolidation of mods for WofT several times, including right now. Each time i use PayPal, but because your link locks amount in Euros, have to open my account directly with them so can pay in $US. "Problem" = i see where others have donated & their account/name is marked as such... even tho i'v given >$100, i don't seem to get credit for supporting You. Be nice to get some credit & recognition for supporting.
  5. crashing straight out of game when trying to get bak to garage = ?!?!? have reloaded latest mod pack twice = still crashes out straight to desktop when leaving game. damn!! & i was going to donate somemore to support U Aslain... not until get this crap fixed. such a shame as last 10+ "updates" have been perfect. sure wish WoT would STOP screwing around with THEIR game... at least for a month, so we could all just play & enjoy.
  6. DAMN IT!!!!!!! The friggin' AUTOAIM doesn't work!!! The mod not only doesn't work, but it stops the in game autoaim form working also... even after a clean/total reset of game settings & everything!?!? Aslain, u do alot of good work & i/we appreciate it & i'v donated to U a # of times but this is the 3rd or 4th time a WofT revision has resulted in your (or whoever codes) the autoaim screwing up not only itself, but the in-game autoaim also!! i'v wasted 3 HOURS of valuable game time & lost 6 battles in a row dinking around with this crap. Everything else is working fine but AUTOAIM IS SCREWING up big time... again. Come on man, would U either fix it or get it off your list. Now, how the hell do we at least fix it so the in-game autoaim works? A complete delete of all your stuff + the game itself?
  7. autoaim is NOT working = will NOT lock onto target even when sitting right next to it. did a clean reinstall, tried NOT cheking box so as to use in-game autoaim = even that doesn't work = WTF?
  8. chump25

    Best Icons Ever. Keep it up.

    Agree, yours are THE BEST. Thx for all the time & talent U invest for our gaming pleasure. How can we donate/support your efforts?
  9. chump25

    mucho thanks... again

    Thanks to all of U that help with this project. :) Must take ALOT of time & talent. Just donated a little again to help with some of your expenses. :wub: It's upped my game considerably... of course, it doesn't help my stupid & overly-aggressive yoloing. :wacko:
  10. Understand this is a COMPILATION so all the answers arn't herewith. But WHERE are they? R there links we're missing? Forums? :unsure: How pulling bak from all these little details & provide all us users/patrons some BASIC, GENERAL info for nubies to your (& many others') most excellent work here? :huh:
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