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  1. As far as i know, yes (that is how wGM system should work). xvm should sends you those images/icons as you play the game, they are not included inside modpack (only full list with all icons). -ps. someone correct me if i am wrong.
  2. @T0m0n I am not fully familiar with the system, but i can try sharing some light on the subject of clan icons. 1. XVM config has nothing to do with top XXX clan icons, it can either display clan icon or not. Simple yes/no and that's about it. (if you have icon for X clan it willl display it) 2. As Aslain said, don't download clan icons from modpack, you will get all icons. There is no way to get only top XXX icons from modpack. 3. Your personal settings on xvm site/cabinet is the key (Top clans count rated wGM:XXX). As you play/join battles xvm (not modpack or aslain's config) will download/populate those clan images, depending on your wGM settings and if clan is in top XXX. Keep in mind wGM icon obtain system is not 100% perfect, but you should have those icons downloaded/populated over time. That all depends on xvm (not your config) and whatever/whoever sends those info/icons to your client, wg? wgAPI?
  3. If none of those 3 work for you, manually editing config file battleLabelSight.xc is only option i can think of. Personally i don't have wheeled garbage to test it, but screenshot would be nice so we can see the issue with position.
  4. then ...mods\configs\pmod\sessionStatistic.json ? "hourOffset": 6,
  5. What mod are we talking about? YasenKrasen statistics? If so ...mods\configs\yk-stats\config.json look for "dailyAutoResetHour": 6,
  6. Stopped using this mod after v4, but i just tested this v7 and it saves selected style (after game restart or replay ALT+NUM9 scrolling). Anyway inside ...mods/configs/spoter/marksOnGunExtended/marksOnGunExtended.json file is updated each time you change settings ingame. So... for Circon UI style should be saved as "UI": 4, (try checking if saved after you apply or close game) Maybe you have some weird permission issue with game/drive, so it resets to default each time you start wot (...my wild guess)? If you wanna mess with config and use custom "battleMessage" and "battleMessageAlt" make sure UI is set to 0 (or inside settings to config) also avoid ALT+NUM9 if using custom config, and for low of god don't use basic notepad when editing config files.
  7. v0.7 - TIM cleanup/optimization removed old autoloader text indicators added Arabic Tank Tier (optional/placeholder) added "check .csv" (for testing if custom HasDrum.csv needs updating) all images are moved inside Images/Darker check .csv example:
  8. You are missing Harpoon.ttf font, also can't find it inside Aslains_Installer.log Harpoon.ttf Mirrored contour icons inside tooltips are old and well known issue, sadly not much can be done about it. But everything else should be mirrored correctly (battle loading, in battle, platoon window ...etc), except for tooltips.
  9. [HANGAR] * restored functionality of the options: "login"/"saveLastServer" - save last server "hangar"/"hidePricesInTechTree" - hide price button in tech tree "hangar"/"masteryMarkInTechTree" - show mastery mark in tech tree Fixed with 7.8.6-dev (8960+) EDIT: Works fine on, guess it's best to wait for tomorrows micro patch.
  10. I mean its easy enough but it pisses me when they decide to change naming for whatever reason. (it work perfectly fine as it is, few months no changes) Right after i repacked it, in hope to never look at it again. Cuz of that poinless namechange each config have to be retested. Its mostly macro rename inside main infoPanel.xc (enemiesOnly for each config and formats edits for few configs with new macro naming), and custom battleLabelsInfoPanel.xc (py: infoPanel.format rename for each config).
  11. Even though i updated all configs recently chances are none of them will work correctly with recent infopanel.py update. - Added macros: {{nation}}, {{level}}, {{rlevel}}, {{py: infoPanel.isPremium}} (returns 'premium' if the tank is premium). - Renamed ru-macros: {{py: infoPanelFormat}}> {{py: infoPanel.format}} {{py: isTarget}}> {{py: infoPanel.isTarget}} {{py: compareDelim}}> {{py: infoPanel.compareDelim}} {{py: compareColor}}> {{py: infoPanel.compareColor}} - Changed the "enemiesOnly" parameter to "showFor" (accepted values: "all", "ally", "enemy"). boo hoo...well in that case, time to slap discontinued™
  12. There are few gun constraints mods roaming internet, but doubt any of them use config files anymore. (excluding xvm anglesAiming.py) There used to be config file before, that is true but most of config/settings are now stored differently. (example:mods that use modsettingsapi) As far as i know no, with current mod you can't change colors. (without bricking/modifing mod itself) Inside hangar > bottom right > modification list icon (next to notification center icon) > open Mods settings
  13. Atm using xvm, Scriptloader, YK and i can click on report details without any issues (close it, reopen it). However i had this issue once in the past, when wg did something to notification center, but can't remember 100% what caused it. (but i know it was one of the mods with notification center acress, ...there was some sort of conflict) Now since wg touched notification center again with merit rewards. Try removing mods that print stuff inside notification center ...idk stuff like: version checked, friends notification, session stuff,...whatever) You should be able to narrow it down eventually. Or simply avoid mods that modify battle result window, tech tree, notification center and blame it on wg for breaking stuff, again.
  14. XVM-7.8.5-dev: [KNOWN ISSUES] * disabled options: "login"/"saveLastServer" - save last server "hangar"/"hidePricesInTechTree" - hide price button in tech tree "hangar"/"masteryMarkInTechTree" - show mastery mark in tech tree Will be reprocessed in future releases.
  15. Ress


    There are hitzones skins inside modpack. Unless you are talking about full 3D remodels with angle indication and all? ...last time i checked that's considered illegal.
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