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  1. Hi Aslain, Just wondering if you could please add set of Oldskul crosshairs to the modpack? I found it at https://wotsite.net/pritsely/12505-krutoj-nabor-pritselov-oldskul-dlya-world-of-tanks.html. There are two versions of the set, a green and a white. I'm specifically interested in the green on, but wouldn't complain if you added both! ;) I alternatively, I have a modification of the green crosshair that shows your tanks remaining HP instead of % HP, which I would be more than willing to send over. I also have a modified crosshair controls with some clearer simple
  2. @Axquirix Are you looking for a different Aim Circle with the penetration indicator colors? I can do one up if Aslain want's to include it. For the magenta/yellow/cyan I'm assuming you want these to represent no pen/chance of pen/pen?
  3. It may not be the safeshot mod. I get this happening infrequently and I'm not running safeshot.
  4. Hi Aslain, I'm wondering if you could add the option to hide the Referral Program button. I believe this is available through XVM in the hanger.xc config -> "showReferralButton": false. Thank You for all of your hard work!!! Zavar
  5. No, I'm not familiar where the game cache is and did some looking for it without sucess

    1. zavar


      There is an option in Aslain's installer, right before you it installs that lets you clear the game cache.  I'd try it to see if it helps.

    2. hotel69


      OK I have seen that and I'll try it. I think it is already checked but will let you know,

    3. hotel69


      OK updated mods last night, and clicked on clear game cache and then loaded the game from a cold start up this AM and that fixed the issue. Thank You very much for your help

  6. Hi Aslain, Could you please add the green version of the OldSkool Combo site, it includes versions of Jimbo v3, Taipan 2, Jov and Hyperon sights (all selectable from within the site menu). Link for the site is here Крутой набор прицелов Oldskul для World of Tanks (wotsite.net). Thank You, Zavar
  7. I'm getting this error message pop-up when loading the installer. Anyone seeing this? Any ideas? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Hi Aslain, With the last update ( #13) for the personal reserves, it is now showing both the custom and standard in-game reserve time. I believe the boosters.xc config file changed and the "hideActiveBooster" is now set as "false" instead of "true". This was set to "true" in previous versions. Just wanted to bring this up, it only causes an aesthetic issue. Thank You.
  9. Are people using this mod? Are you seeing the items showing up on the mini-map? I don't seem to see anything.
  10. The Total HP Bars (at the top of the battle interface) from the XVM options are very messed up with the latest XVM Nightly Build (8.5.2_0007). Mine look like this now: It looks like the XVM team changed something with one of the python macros, total_hp.py. Using the total_hp.py from nightly 8.5.2_0005 and everything looks normal. I would assume that this affects all of the XVM based Total HP Bars, but I haven't checked to confirm.
  11. I played about 12 games with combo Aslain's install and the latest XVM nightly build (8.4.1_0015 at the moment), seems to be working ok for me at the moment. Latest XVM nighlty build can be downloaded from https://nightly.modxvm.com/. I merged the xvm_latest.zip into my current #3 Aslains install as per below: Goto your World_of_Tanks installation folder. In your mods\ folder rename the folder to In the mods\ folder delete the temp folder Extract the contents of the xvm_latest.zip mods\ Common Test folder to your mods\ folder, say y
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