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  1. The Total HP Bars (at the top of the battle interface) from the XVM options are very messed up with the latest XVM Nightly Build (8.5.2_0007). Mine look like this now: It looks like the XVM team changed something with one of the python macros, total_hp.py. Using the total_hp.py from nightly 8.5.2_0005 and everything looks normal. I would assume that this affects all of the XVM based Total HP Bars, but I haven't checked to confirm.
  2. I played about 12 games with combo Aslain's install and the latest XVM nightly build (8.4.1_0015 at the moment), seems to be working ok for me at the moment. Latest XVM nighlty build can be downloaded from https://nightly.modxvm.com/. I merged the xvm_latest.zip into my current #3 Aslains install as per below: Goto your World_of_Tanks installation folder. In your mods\ folder rename the folder to In the mods\ folder delete the temp folder Extract the contents of the xvm_latest.zip mods\ Common Test folder to your mods\ folder, say yes to over-write files if prompted. In your res_mods\ folder rename the folder to Extract the contents of the xvm_latest.zip res_mods\ Common Test folder to your res_mods\ folder. Say yes to over-write files if prompted. Extract the contents of the xvm_latest.zip res_mods\mods folder to your res_mods\mods folder. Say yes to over-write files if prompted. Extract the contacts of the xvm_latest.zip res_mods\configs\xvm\py_macro folder to your res_mods\configs\xvm\py_macro folder. Say yes to over-write files if prompted. Hope this helps folks until Aslain has what he needs to update.
  3. I'm occasionally having the same thing happen with the battle interfacing being in the garage. Not sure what is causing it. I was using the XVM Dev version, I'm going to switch to stable and see if that fixes it.
  4. I don't know what options you are currently using for your OTM, but here are some of the changes that I made for the Playernames showing up differently in different battle types. A couple of things to note first: {{name}} - Shows the playername only {{nick}} - Shows the playername + [CLAN] So my config has: markersAliveNormal.xc, in the playerName section: "format": "<font size='{{battletype=epic_battle?0|{{battletype?15|{{squad?15|0}}}}}}'>{{name}}</font>" - this config shows the playername if I'm in a clan/tournament type battle and the playername for my platoonmates. - this sets a font size of 0 (so that nothing is shown) for Grand Battles (epic_battle). Otherwise if the battletype is not blank in the texts.rc (I've attached mine for reference which has it none-blank for effectively Clan or Tournament type activities) it sets the font size to 15. For any battletype if I'm platooned, it also shows the playername. Any battletype that shows as blank ("") in the texts.rc file is set to a font size of 0. markersAliveExtended.xc, in the playername section: "format": "{{battletype=epic_battle?{{nick}}|{{battletype?{{name}}|{{squad?{{name}}|{{nick}}}}}}}}" - this config, when the alt key is pressed, shows the playername (name only) in clan/tournament type battles & platoonmates, in all other battles it shows (name + clan) For markersDeadNormal.xc I don't show any playernames, and in markersDeadExtended.xc I use the same config as shown above for markersAliveExtended.xc. I've zipped up my OTM related config (which includes additional configuration beyond the above) in the attached file if you'd like to check it out. The config is based on Aslains config, but is relatively simple compared to running Aslain's full blown OTM. This can be unzipped and placed right in the res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain folder. Hope this helps. Zavar_OTM.zip
  5. You can do this within the XVM OTM markers, by manually configuring the config files. For example I configured my markers so that the playerName shows over the tanks in normal view when it's a platoon mate or if it's a Clan Battle (skirmish, advance or global map). Otherwise the playername only shows up when I use the ALT key.
  6. Apparently the XVM Dev team is now testing disabling XVM stats if you have the anonymizer enabled. From the KoreanRandom site, XVM Dev Quote
  7. Would it be possible to add the LegionLost (Almost Standard) as an Aim Circle option?
  8. Thanks Ress. I've tried the other configs, all of them with the exception of the Diagonal setting have the player info. I really like the Horizontal setting, but really don't like the player info at the top. Oh well, still a great crosshair! For your install of the crosshair, do you have both destroyer crosshair and aim circle installed?
  9. Are there any configuration options for this crosshair? I really like it, however I would like to hide the "aimed" playername, my tanks remaining HP (not HP%) and move the distance to target back up to the top (above the zoom level). I can't seem to find any accessible configuration file for the crosshair.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's one of the options in Battle Observer.
  11. I'm getting an error when I start the installer. Correction: For download links #1 & #2 I get an error. For download link #4 the modpak installs.
  12. Found my issue too. It turned out to be me using an older version of the Yasenkrasen stats mod json config file, customized to turn off the enhanced crew training notification.
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